Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A typical day...

Someone asked me today what I'd been doing all day and so I told them...

6:30am Get up and get washed and dressed. Get kids up and make breakfast.
Some point between now and 8am: wake up Oh Daddy.
8am Take A to school.
8:50am Head to toddler group.
9:30am Go to toddlers with Miss B.
11am Leave and head to dance class with B.
11:10am Grab a coffee from kiosk to drink the way.
11:35am Go to dancing and get changed.
12:30pm Leave and walk to bus stop.
12:45pm Jump on bus to A's school.
1pm Pick up A from school and head to bus stop.
1:15pm Jump on first bus to Princes' Street.
1:38pm Walk to other bus stop Westbound.
1:40pm Get on second bus to Gorgie.
2:15pm Arrive at Social Communication group.
2:20pm Give B her lunch while we wait.
3:30pm Leave and head to bus stop
3:50pm Get bus to Leith.
4:30pm Arrive at Leith head to drama hall to give A some dinner.
4:50pm Jump on bus home.
5:20pm Arrive home with Miss B and make dinner.
6pm Oh Daddy arrives home.
6:20pm Jump on bus to pick up A.
7pm Pick up A and head to bus stop.
7:20pm get on bus.
8pm Arrive home.
8:20pm have a coffee and eat dinner.
9pm Put A in bed.
9:15pm Put the tv on...URGH.... Zzzzzz


  1. Had a similarly busy day yesterday. I was shattered by the time I got the kids in bed. Thankfully I've got a nice quite day today (well, until school kick out time at any rate). Hope all your days aren't as hectic as this one!

  2. Thanks Tilly, Tuesday is usually the only day I have free but thats to A's lack of organisational skills I have to bake 60 cupcakes for tomorrow! xx


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