Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Getting older - Miss B's milestones.

Narrator: And now, we come to the next chapter in which…
Winnie the Pooh: But I haven’t finished yet.
Narrator: But Pooh, you’re in the next chapter.
Winnie the Pooh: Oh. Well, what happens to me?
Narrator: Well, let’s turn the page and find out.
~ The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Gosh...where has the time gone?

I started this blogging malarky when B was just days old. Times were rough and her feeding was not going well. So rather than spend my days Googling possible symptoms and solutions and driving myself nuts, I thought I'd distract myself from it all by starting this thing. I haven't really written much about Miss B as it is hard to articulate a post about her without coming over all obnoxious 'ooh look at my wonderful baby'.

In the early days she was a baby, a potato headed lump who dribbled, farted, ate, giggled and pooed. Now she has blossomed into a beautiful toddler she's far more interesting! I say this with the deepest love but admit now that have neglected to write about her because I know I would bore everyone to death.

Yes, I am one of those obnoxious parents who think that their children are the most wonderful in the world. Not one of those competitive mothers who measure everyone else's kids progress/manners/appearance against her own kids but one that fails to register ALL other children as she is so bedazzled by her own! So do you see now why I haven't posted about her yet? My Facebook friends must roll their eyes every time I add photos of B to my profile as there are hundreds and hundreds of them.

Having a baby again is exciting and watching all the little development milestones and all of the first and little folables they have is very entertaining. She's a cheeky monkey with the most adorable smile and is very strong willed. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She loves to be sung to, to dance and draw and hasn't shown much of an interest in TV yet! She loves books and not only the ones designed for her but proper story books.

She loves animals, despite the fact I do not and likes animal noises. She loves to eat out and try new foods and most of all to have all eyes on her at all times.

We have ruined her as they say, along with her brother she is at the centre of our universe and she knows it...


  1. This is a lovely post, and you're more than entitled to shout from the rooftops about how amazing your little girl is, she's your little girl! Just wondering when you noticed all these little traits developing? Reading that post (apart from the drawing and the animals) it sounds just like my little girl, who is only 9 months. I find it fascinating that a personality can develop so early, and if the same traits are still seen later as they grow up? Hmmm, thought-provoking post!x

  2. Thanks! I'm just worried that I'd gush everywhere and bore people. Although saying that I seem to do the opposite and moan constantly and I've only lost a few readers.

    B has always had a strong personality from birth as did A and while it's nice, it makes the whole potato-headed baby stage very short! Everything happens so fast that there is little time to take stock of firsts. I used to have a section on here that kept track of B's firsts and gave up because it seemed to happen fast and in clusters. With A having ASD I'm watching her like a hawk, studying them carefully and being worried more than excited. I knew I would be like this when we planned to have a second.

    I've blogged elsewhere about this:



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