Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Listography - The Laminated List... ;P

I'm mega busy at the moment with the school holidays and had vowed to lay off the blog this week but while Miss B plays with her stuffed animals I had to jump on the laptop and indulge in this weeks Listography.

My usual shy and retiring self doesn't talk about men much. Given that I have the perfect guy at home and quite frankly, I am far too old to drool over men in front of people, I haven't indulged in this type of behaviour for quite some time...

This weeks list is inspired by that episode of Friends where Ross reveals his laminated list of fantasy females he wouldn't say no to if the opportunity ever arose.

So here is mine (and no, on principle I won't be adding Johnny Depp, True Blood men, Twilight boys as every other list has them). Feel free to poke fun/agree with me in the comments box below.

1) Paul Rogers

Okay this is wrong on so many levels. One: he is old enough to be my Dad. Two: in his Free heyday he was mysteriously really ugly! Three: he is orange. Four: he wears sleeveless tops. But his voice...that voice! Oh Daddy knows that he is the only man I would ever leave him for on sight.

2) John Corbett

*Melts... The good guy in all his rom-coms and I don't think there is a woman out there who didn't utter "why Carrie, why pick Big over Aiden?" I should also confess that the only other reason I like him is because he looks exactly like Oh Daddy.

3) Viggo Mortensen

He's yummy. That's all I can say but it would help if he brought his Aragon outfit...

4) Argh!!! Now I that I have actually thought about it there is only only these three as definite choices. But a whole host of other possibilities (Jensen Ackles, Christian Bale, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Keanu Reeves, Steven Dorff, Jared Leto, Andy Garcia, Al Pacino) I only have two choices left and couldn't possibly decide so I'll leave it at that. I'm not greedy or am I and that's why it's so hard to choose these two...

I'm off for a lie down!


  1. You could always leave a couple of spaces on your laminated card to be filled in as required..

  2. Good to see some less obvious choices. Liking number 3 esp.


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