Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mads 2011 - Oooh I've been nominated! part 2

You may have (or not!) noticed that all has been quiet on this blog for the last fortnight. This has mainly been due to the Easter holidays, having two kids on the rampage and I've been far too exhausted to write anything for the last two weeks.

It's my own doing of course. Instead of enjoying the break from school and A's million and one after school activities, I filled everyday with adventures and dates and as I rest my weary bones on the sofa right now I am beginning to regret it! I can't believe there is one day left of the holidays here in Edinburgh and although I vowed not to cross the threshold of the door at all tomorrow, I am in fact Googling events as I write this post. I must be mental! or Hyperactive...

So anyway, much has happened during my absence. I've missed a few great memes and I even attempted to start my own. Word to the wise: never start up a meme and then bugger off for a fortnight. I'm going to catch up with the meme as soon as I can, I promise and many thanks to those who've taken part already.

One notable thing is that the annual MADS award nominations have taken place and I have been nominated. Since I'm new to blogging and new to networking as a parent blogger, I knew nothing of these awards and what they entail and mean. I really didn't think that they were a big deal until I explained to Oh Daddy what had happened and he was taken aback (he takes this whole blogging thing less seriously than I do) and congratulated me on being nominated. His reaction drove me to find out more about the awards. The MADS was set up to acknowledge the many thousands of parenting blogs floating around the world wide web and has a few categories in which an individuals blog can be nominated for, the nominees are then shortlisted and then the finals are judged by a panel of esteemed writers and oarenting gurus. There are huge prizes to be won and the obvious publicity and exposure for your blog ensues. Sound good? It does, doesn't it?

Erm...I'm not sure about it all. While I am enormously grateful for the nominations and I am especially touched by the two categories of awards in which I was nominated for (best family life blog and most inspiring blog), I know at this point that I don't deserve to win. There are fantastic bloggers out there who put their heart and soul in to it and who share their entire life with their readers. They are proud of their blogs and rightly so. I, on the other hand am embarrassed by mine! I write posts late at night when I'm too tired to focus and I ramble on and disappear off on tangents. I also rant quite a bit, using it as a personal space to vent frustrations and so I don't invite comments or give opportunities for my readers to engage with a topic. All of these things make for poorly written and poorly thought out posts from a writer who should and could do better so I don't promote my blog or share it out with my closest circle of friends. I get embarrassed attempting the degree of self promotion required to gain a bigger readership and often post things that I later retract, lest someone read my grumpy opinions and take offence.

What the nominations have done for me is this. I have recognised that I need to be a better blogger, I need to take this a bit more seriously than I previously have and I need to take care and attention over my individual posts. I enjoy writing and need to stop feeling guilty about putting energy in to a thing like this. I have very little time for myself these days which is no fault of Antibes, it just reflects my parenting style. I am full on with the kids and A requires more work than a normal kid. Between the house, the kids, Oh Daddy and work I have very little free time and so to blog more intensively something has to be neglected (it's always the ironing!) for me to find the time but then I do need time to myself.

Aside from the nominations the MAD awards run their own blog, discussing blogs of note and I was mentioned in one of their posts!

Time to turn over a new leaf.

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