Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mads 2011 - Oooh I've been nominated!

MAD Blog Awards 2011

Wow! I don't know what to say really...

I've been nominated for an award in the category Best Family Life blog as part of the annual MADS parent blogger awards! The Best Family Life category celebrates blogs  that may not fit into a specific niche like crafting or cooking – they’re just about families in all their glory. I had been on the site to vote for a few of my friends last week (Metal Mummy, GhostWriterMummy, Soft Thistle, Babyrambles), those who deserve it more than I and who put real energy into this blogging malarky. I've no idea who voted for me but thank you! This means though that I will be launching a hardcore campaign for votes from now on so beware, I will be in full pain in the bum mode! You can nominate me here and the list is finalised down to a shortlist of 15 writers.

I'll be updating the blog properly in a few days time and will have a very exciting product review from an amazingly cool company called Spin Collective. Unusually, the sun is blazing here in Edinburgh and I'm soaking up the rays with the kids during the Easter holidays. A is taking part in a Samba drumming camp for the next two days and I'm very much looking forward to the show on Wednesday and Miss B is becoming partial to a babyccino in the sun. I hope you all have a lovely week.

Much love. xx

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