Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Move.

No, I am not referring to the band but to our move.

Nearly a month ago, we moved flats again. We finally have broadband! While our previous place was full of character and had a charm all of its own, we needed a bigger place. We were also having issues getting A into the school we wanted him to go to. We picked our previous place based on it's proximity to certain things like schools, Oh Daddy's work and certain other amenities. However a recent change of plans again meant that I would now be working from home and would need a bigger place to facilitate this.

Newington Station

We found the most amazing place for a great price and although it meant that we would have a grand total of two weeks in which we had to move, it was worth it! It was in the catchment area for the school and in a weird bonus twist, all of A's friends live within a two street radius giving him more freedom (we hope) when he's older. Miss B would also benefit from it's location(near the Meadows, Blackford Hill, plenty of Toddler groups and cafe's) and the space now that she is running about all over the place.

We're all settled in now and enjoying exploring the area.

Oh and I forgot to mention that it is situated next to an organic food market, a deli and a French bakery... nom nom nom!


  1. That's a lovely area and the French bakery is delicious!

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