Sunday, 29 May 2011

Car Boot Sale Silliness...

I went to a car boot sale today. Yeah so what? I hear you say, well it was my first one ever! It was held in the bowels of an indoor car park and what an experience that was. My perception of what a car boot sale was is completely ruined by these BBC programmes where treasure hunters go looking for bargains in the glorious English countryside. I expected to be greeted by jolly characters is waistcoats and pocket-watches who would enjoy a bit of haggling banter.

Instead I was greeted by huge swathes of Eastern European people in tracksuits, overweight women snatching back merchandise from prospective punters who dared haggle with them. Instead of shiny antiques and kitsch paraphernalia from days gone by, I was greeted by the sight of rows of XBoxes, PS3's, Prado bags and general tat that most (or I certainly) would put in the bucket. People were clawing to get to the front of the tables filled with absolute rubbish! Connect 3 1/2 with only the red counters, washed out babygros, well worn shoes, used baby bottles.. If I dallied at a table for any longer than one minute I was shouted at by Polish women with ponytails and gold hoops. I was cursed by a gypsy for standing on her toe and I laughed out loud at a transvestite selling bongs and half empty (or half full depending on your own personal philosophy) tins of shoe polish.

                                                   A car boot sale in the Gaza Strip.

I also made the mistake of taking A who found the unusual sensory experience (walking along in single file with strangers farting in front of you) too much to handle. I've had a hankering to make something for the last few weeks and so when I found a Singer sewing machine for £20 (aye, it's totally brand new hen! Still in the plastic and aw' that!) I was incredibly skeptical. I managed to haggle the woman down to £10, telling her that it was all I had. I was momentarily pleased with myself until A had a major strop, taking my little white lie literally and wailing at the top of his voice in the middle of the car park because "his mum had spent every last penny that we had on a sewing machine and he wanted to go for a panini!". I grabbed him and ran and explained at length what I had done over a ham and cheese panini at Costa. I'm still not sure he gets it.

So with potentially faulty and maybe even lethal sewing machine in hand, we set off home to electrocute ourselves. And do you know what, it works! I even Googled it's retail value and it's worth £100! So now I can plan my new and very exciting projects. Wayhey!

Same time next week?

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  1. oh bargain, I've not been to a car boot sale for about 10 years, must find out where our local ones are held!


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