Sunday, 8 May 2011

Listography: simple pleasures.

I missed the deadline for last weeks Listography so I'm incorporating two posts into one!

Last week Kate gave us the task of listing five simple pleasures:

1) My coffee machine. I love coffee and we all know how hard it is to actually grab a cup when you have small people ruling your day. My machine keeps the pot warm until I can actually steal five minutes away.

2) Sleepy cuddles. My favourite kind and I'm usually guaranteed one from all three of my peeps on a daily basis.

3) Reading. Whether it's helping A chose a book and helping him with his homework or having Miss B chase me around the house with a book demanding that I stop trying to tidy up or hoover and read her a story, I love to read and read to people. Oh Daddy and I swap stories all day either news stories, emails, articles or simply reading out nonsense from Facebook whilst remarking "you'll never guess what that muppet had written now!". The written word is important in this house.

4) Food. While I like to make my cooking complex my most favourite eats are simple single ingredients. Salamis, cured meats, cheeses, olives, bread. I would rather eat a delicious warm baguette with some salty Normandy butter or pepper oil from Northern Italy than braise a bit of beef shin for four hours!

5) Walking. I walk everywhere and simply cannot get enough of looking at everything and drinking it all in. Everyday is a new adventure, new people to meet, new smells, sights to see. You miss this stuck in a car.

And now this weeks:

We are charged with listing five bad combinations. Five pairs of things that really shouldn't be anywhere near each other.

1) People who can't spell/Facebook. This makes my hair stand up on end. It's not just people who in real life who can't spell but a special breed of people who cannot be arsed writing correctly. We all slip up sometimes but there are those who write cum instead of come, lyk dis instead of like this, use instead of you two or the Scots youse. I could go on and on and on. When my kids are old enough to use Facebook, I certainly wont be friending them. If i saw some of the spelling I see from other folks kids, I'd go mental! Yuck!

2) Fat arms/sleeveless tops. I wear 3/4 length sleeves because I know better!

3) Peelie Wally Scots people/South East England. Norfolk, especially its Northern parts has it's own microclimate akin to Cornwall. We're all a bit crispy!

4) Children/drink. I'm not referring to that awful moment where your drunken teenager is brought home by the local constabulary but that moment when you remember why kids are not allowed in most pubs. They're noisy, they bug you when you're trying to savour your pint/wine. They cost you a fortune in bar snacks and then overdose on sugary drinks.

5) Children/hangovers. Mum...mum...mum...mum...mummmm...MUMMMMMM!!!!!!

If you haven't seen the phenomenal Kate's blog, you can find it here.


  1. What a fabulous list - well lists - I don't think anyone's ever done a double before! But damn you you've made me hungry and that list of food has left me drooling.

  2. Oh and I don't think I've ever been called phenomenal either (but I like it!)

  3. Noisy kids in pubs - a big no, no. Spot on. Cracking list. Very funny.

  4. A relative of mine on Facebook is a DJ, and this week his status update was "just ripped brisbane a new asshole" after a gig, except it was in some kind of stupid spelling.


  5. @Kate: Ah but you are! I had crisps for breakfast, does that count as a simple pleasure or just evidence of me being a lazy git? x

  6. @HouseDad: Thanks! Following your blog now with great interest. You remind me of someone... xx

  7. @ Mid30's: It's depressing! xx

  8. Rofl, I agree with the fat arms. I absolutely hate mine and can't stand them not being covered up. This can be annoying sometimes when you see the perfect top or dress but can't wear it because it is sleeveless. I've ended up with numerous shwls, cardies etc etc lol. I can't say a thing about spelling as I have always been terrible at it but I still cringe when I see two, too, to and there and their used incorrectly.

  9. @EmVi: I'd rather sweat in this weather than wear sleeveless tops! Cardi's are great. X


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