Tuesday, 10 May 2011

NEW MEME - I Don't Know About You But...

Hi guys. I thought I'd punt this out again and refresh the linky. Please spread the word through your various sites if you've already taken part.

I love a good meme, I do. If I'm stuck for inspiration or simply want to dust off the cobwebs that accumulate when you spend your entire day with lovely little people I indulge myself in a few memes.

I'm so lucky to have found so many great ones. To indulge my orderly compulsive behaviours I take part in the beautiful KareTakes5's Listography most weeks. To make me feel great and for a little bit of self reflection I do Michelle's Reasons to be Cheerful meme. Michelle writes the Mummy from the Heart blog, has the most adorable set of twins and is such a positive soul. I'm yet to take part in Metal Mummy Hannah's Movie Meme. A woman after my own heart, our shared passions mean that I have to think long and hard about my picks as she always picks them first! So whatever your mood you are always guaranteed to find a theme to suit. Well, not every mood...

These memes are fun and now I propose another. Some of these memes are short lived and some don't take off at all. This could be one of those or it could tap into a feeling that we all experience most weeks. I am prone to grumpy moments (really? quelle surprise!) and one of the ways in which I use my blog is to get these things off my chest sometimes.

So my meme is thus: a little meme for everyone to link up to to express those little niggles that life or people in your life put in your way. It's called I don't know about you but I...

Now the rules are simple. Take five minutes to write a little post detailing a little niggle or opinion that you have. It could be something that secretly bugs you about people, society, life. Or if you're not a fan of moaning you could turn it on it's head and mention something that is wonderous like I did this week!

So it can be something as banal as I don't know about you but I...hate shaving my legs!

You can elaborate this with a little ditty relating to this pet hate or muttering. Some thing like: I hate shaving my legs so much that I leave it weeks between doing it. Sometimes I even wear pyjama bottoms in bed so that Oh Daddy doesn't rub his feet over my fortnightly
growth and catch me out!

Or it could be something along the lines of I don't know about you but I... don't take criticism well.

Or I don't know about you but I... cry at the beginning of Disney's Tarzan.

Or I don't know about you but I... get pissed off by teenagers playing crappy techno music from their phones on public transport.

Or I don't know about you but I... wonder how that mother standing across from me at the school gate manages to wear a full face of make up at that time in the morning.

What I'm looking to generate is just general mutterings about life and to make us feel better by either getting something off your chest or just by laughing when the comments flood in detailing the experiences of others. 

Once you have written your post please add it to the linky list below and please mention my blog along with a link to this post in your own post, thanks. Please feel feel to grab my new button.

Previous entries have been amazing:

In week one, Hannah over at Metal Mummy told us how she hates toast crumbs left in the butter! Then she admits to losing her car in car parks on occasion!

JoJo was getting a bit pissed off with all of the meme's floating around the internet these days. Ahem... This week the Royal Family gets it!

EmVi is sick of football in her house!

Anna at Dummy Mummy despairs at people's inability to read signs.

Steph wonders why man can walk on the moon but ignore huge piles of crap lying about the floor.

Jules who needs curtains for the windows in her head also needs some personal space.

hates being kept waiting.

HerdingCats wanders about aimlessly.
AspieintheFamily really let's loose regarding her teenage daughter being a teenager!

ScrummyMummy thinks we should all let our kids be messy.

DummyMummy heard one Mum asking her little one to do "a sexy bum dance" Honestly!

I get a bit exasperated at other parents. 

QWERTYMum really needs some chocolate!

The ever wonderful Pooky at PoorParenting despairs at other parent's name choices. 

So I don't know about you but this might actually work...



  1. So up my street!! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Was just in the mood for a good gripe. Cheers! xX

  3. so was I Beadzoid....feel much better now

  4. Thanks so much for joining in ladies, I'll comment later when I get to my laptop. Xx

  5. You guys are awesome for joining in. Blogger seems to have deleted the comments I made about your posts. Will get onto it tomorrow. Xx

  6. huzzah
    a good reason to have rant two in 24 hours! Thank you!

  7. Thanks for joining in, Paul. Looking forward to reading your blog!


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