Monday, 23 May 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: The Axil Coolfan.

This is my first product review here on this blog and would like to introduce you to this little guy who was delivered a few weeks ago. His name is Axil and he's become indispensable in this house!

The Axil Coofan is part of the brand new innovative range of cooling fans that cools down children's food hygienically and quickly. 

If like me, you love to cook from scratch, I find that Miss B's portion is always far too hot when it comes to the table. Even if I take out her portion to add seasoning to the adults food, in the hot environment of the kitchen her offerings are still not at the right temperature. So when I heard about this product, I had to try it out. We have been using the Coolfan now for a few weeks now and it has been a delight to use. I was a little apprehensive when I saw the design, wondering if Miss B would rather play with the fan than watch it cool her food. My worries disappeared when B handed me back her plate of food to be put underneath the fan to cool from it's first use. This fantastic contraption was thought up by Mark Mainey, a father who got fed up blowing on his daughters food several times a day. 

The fan is a simple concept and one that I'm kicking myself over for not having thought of it first! The fan is mounted over a circular stand to allow either a plate or a bowl to be placed under it. There is plenty of room for a deep bowl to be accommodated. The stand makes it very stable and the fan piece itself is made of foam to protect any wandering fingers that might come near it. The accompanying instructions were easy to read and follow, plainly laid out. The fan is very easy to use and to clean.  Food normally cools down very quickly. Obviously it depends what is on the plate or how much of it there is. If its one level then quickly but if there's food underneath then you have to move it or stir it as its cooling.

The Coolfan takes 2 AA batteries (supplied) and to change the batteries you just undo the screw in the cap on the top and replace. Easy peasy. The only niggle with the product that we experienced was the amount of batteries we went through. I cook several times a day and seeing as is going through a porridge phase we used it at least three times a day. So my advice would be to buy or use rechargeable batteries.

The Coolfan comes in 4 different colours…
And Black…
At an RRP of £9.99, I think this product is value for money and would heartily recommend it to parents everywhere. If are not entirely satisfied with this product, the company offers a 100% moneyback guarantee. 
To find out more about Coolfans visit their website at , check out their Facebook page or email

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