Friday, 27 May 2011

Twitter Ye Not... (NB: this has nothing to do with footballers)

I've trying my hand at technical jiggery pokery when it comes to this blog and have looking for different way in which to promote it seeing as I have decided to embark on product reviews. So I looked to my fellow (and more experienced) bloggers for the answers. As always when I should be researching one particular topic I bugger off on some mad tangent and a daft blog post usually springs forth.

We all know that Twitter has been in the press recently and quite frankly I find the whole subject boring.

Here is my tuppence worth anyway:

Celebrities ( a very dirty word in this house) should just accept that when you offer up your life for the amusement of others, when you look for endorsements and money from you so called skills or your face or your body then ALL is up for grabs. Easy money can be made from seeking publicity from some low rent magazine (I've been to the hairdressers recently and I forgot to take a book or my ipad and was subjected to various issues of Heat magazine and some other mindless nonsense for 2 hours so my fury is baited. All attempts at making small talk were banned as my stylist was concentrating...) and because they are low rent, they do not have barriers to the information and photographs that they peddle. If you want to manipulate public perception by claiming to be a wholesome family orientated character and then are caught doing the nasty then that's just bloody tough. 

Right, now that is off my chest.

The wonderful Nickie at Typecast is a technical savant and so that was my first stop. Very Bored in Catalunya has a bun in the oven and also an excellent post on what tactics  people use when it comes to Twitter. Mediocre Mum also has some fantastic tutorials if you use Wordpress (I was considering changing from Blogger but only for reasons of vanity. I have an ipad now and the Wordpress layout looks super cool on it!). I was looking for ways to increase my traffic, for SEO and to promote my blog without putting any major time into it. I've figured out only this. You need time. Reading the blogs of others, commenting and networking takes a serious amount of time. Time which I could use sleeping or cleaning or having a bath.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

Mad tangent time: While all of this was in my mind, we had some very dear friends over for dinner this week and after a few sips of wine and plenty food the conversation turned to the various social networking sites we do or do not use, why we like them and why we hate them.

We're a strange bunch and although we concluded that we all use them intensively, we don't actually like them. When we all started using them when we were at University they were in their infancy. Facebook for example was only for students. The world of social networking was a nicer place. In no way did it resemble the high school playground that it does now. There was no "she wrote this, she said this, I hate your face and your fat" business. Silly little people shout abuse into thin air hoping that the recipient will pick up on it and be suitably upset when they next log in; "Someone needs to get a life! Someone needs to stop stalking me! Someone needs to take a good look at themselves!" all said in the manner of a 13 year old child. This abusing Somebody reminds me of that Billy Connolly sketch about Woebe.

                                                Caution: Swearing (well he is from Glasgow after all)

Seriously, I see this all of the time. Thank goodness for the hide newsfeed facility.

We particularly don't like the social obligations they bring. Take family for instance, you have to add them, you cannot get away from that obligation (unless you are our very clever friend who uses a pseudonym!). I have one blood relation in particular that every time they update their status, a little piece of me dies inside and I exclaim to the heavens "how the hell can we be related, we were brought up together?!".

I fully admit that as much as I love my kids and although I'm a pretty hardcore parent (everyday is adventure, classes are constant, age appropriate stimulating activities are researched and implemented) I do find being surrounded by kids all day not that mentally taxing! There I said it, so shoot me. So I come on here to get into debates, to research parenting trends, to let off steam to stop me going insane. I use mobile Facebook a lot. A LOT. Because it breaks up the my day or sometimes, I just need a bit of adult banter. My house is always clean, my ironing is (almost) always up to date, the kids are stimulated and often sleeping when I'm on here and dinner is always freshly prepared and cooked from scratch. I don't feel guilty about it. None one is screaming while I sit here, no one is plonked in front of the TV while I sit on the laptop. If I post a few things in a day, it is because I've been working on them for days at night or during nap times.

This activity has it's downsides. I tend not to go out of my way to see certain people now because they're studying and so on FB all the time, taking breaks from thesis writing. I know everything they're doing and it feels like we see each other all the time. The other downside is (and you can shout at me all you want!) since Bebo died a death and Facebook became cooler, you know get a load of arseholes on it. People who should really have stayed on Bebo and not sent me FB friends requests that I begrudgingly have to accept or bear the real life wrath of said person. People who in real life I didn't even know could work a computer.

See I've gone off on a tangent again and I'm none the wiser about how to promote my blog. What are your opinions of social networking sites. Are they like Marmite? Do you love them or hate them?

Postcript: since writing this I have heard the terrible news that Marmite could possibly be banned from Denmark!


  1. Thanks for the link love. x I do think you have to put in the time to have a successful blog. Just recently I haven't had the time to post or read many blogs and I've really suffered in readership terms. I can probably bounce back a bit but I think sadly I've lost a lot of readers forever.

    As for facebook, I have 2 accounts one for blogging where I can write anything I want and a family one. Guess which one gets used most?

    My sister's status' make me cringe and how I've not unfriended her by now is anyone's guess.

    PS Those bloody Danes!

  2. I've been wondering the same thing recently, but purely for vanity reasons (I'd actually like to think that some people are interested in what I write) rather than because I'm doing any product reviews. I'd come to the same conclusion as Ms Catalunya - time is the key! Which isn't ideal for anyone! :)

    I very much enjoy your blog.


  3. You need time! You've got to be blogging everyday, facebooking, tweeting, joining a hundred and one forums, etc,etc. I haven't got so much time free that I can dedicate it all to networking. I have 3 facebook accounts: one in my 'real' name which I very rarely do anything with; another which feeds from the blog - I very rarely do anything else with that one either; then an account in Nipper's name which is just for close family and real friends. That's the one which I use, but still not very often. Just photo's of the kids really as my parents live up north and we don't see them very often and they like to see what's happening with the kids. I have a twitter account but at the moment can't be bothered (or find the time) to do anything with it.
    Why do you want to achieve by promoting your blog? Some people like to have lots of followers, some people want to get awards, some people want PR's to look their way. For me blogging is about connecting with like-minded people and sharing information. It's been hugely helpful during the last year whilst we've been going through the diagnostic process with Nipper (ASD, SPD, language problems). I'm not too keen on product reviews myself. They are the blog posts that I don't tend to read and I wonder why people do them. Why do you want to do product reviews?

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