Thursday, 16 June 2011

A's Last Primary School Sports Day.

It was a happy and a sad occasion. A huge crowd of parents gathered as we watched our kids last sports' day of primary school yesterday. I have absolutely no idea how a high school sports day works or even if they have them at all. The emphasis at primary school (or at least the one that he attends) is on team work. No individuals take part in a race and all points go towards their house which runs from Primary 1 to Primary 7. I would imagine that things will be more competitive, more serious, more well...athletic at high school. A did well working in a team and managed to contain his shouting at his other team mates! A new addition to the round of activities they did was indoor swimming which involved the kids swimming the length of the gym hall with skateboards strapped to their stomachs. It was a roasting hot day and the rain managed to stay away.


  1. looks like great fun! I Love the skateboard one that looks fab :)
    It is a bit sad when they leave, I have one at secondary school and one with a year left at primary and I know already that I will miss all those things when he moves up.

  2. We just experienced our first primary school sports day this week - what a great occasion! As you say, the emphasis is definitely on team-work and not on personal competitiveness - an important thing to learn.

  3. It's all getting a bit emotional s near to the end of term. They are having a last minute prom on the last night and tensions are running high. Thanks for commenting! x


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