Wednesday, 22 June 2011


What a week this has been!

Father's day was hijacked by my relatives visiting from Australia. I spent the entire day baking tarts, scones, sponges and making sandwiches for afternoon tea. 

A is at high school for three full days this week and so far is having a blast. I've had another meeting with the school and went to a social evening where I got to meet parents who had kids both in the mainstream and in the inclusion resource for ASD kids. I feeling a bit more reassured about the schools capabilities and hope that both the transition and first year will go as well as I imagine it will.

While he is busy with this I've been finalising the details for his party and making lists! Everything is coming along nicely with no major hiccups.

As well as wrapping up his time at Primary School, his activities are coming to a head. This just adds to how proud we are of him and really reinforcing how quickly he is blooming and growing up. He is also preparing to move up a belt in Judo and has been doing really well. The Judo company, Jidel Judo also run classes for ASD kids and the instructors are amazing!

I just found out that there will be a leavers school prom next week, so new togs need to be bought! Cue his protestations over wearing a shirt!

He is going to his last rehearsal for drama tonight and will be starring in two plays this week. One for the parents of the theater group and his group have been very lucky as they have been offered the chance to perform their production twice, and the tickets are on sale to the general public! Everyday is and has been for a while now, extremely busy and I'm quite looking forward to the school holidays!

It has taken a fair amount of blagging and promising but his party is finally coming together.

We have managed to get hold of an amazing venue in the centre of Edinburgh called Bristo Hall. The hall is run by the same people who have the amazing Forest Cafe. The Forest Cafe is an incredibly bohemian hang-out for aspiring musicians, poets, artists and performers. When I first took A into the cafe (we had attended a percussion workshop in the hall) I thought he would find it overwhelming, it is quite dark and the inhabitants are definitely of the alternative scene in Edinburgh. I was surprised to find that he loved the place. He finds people fascinating and the regulars do not mind him asking questions about their appearenence, about the books they're reading. Next door to the cafe is an art gallery and the hall houses a darkroom, studio and screen printing facilities for anyone to work in. The collective spirit of the place is admirable.

An offshoot of the cafe is the Pavilion in the Meadows where you can take you ger kids and lounge about on upcycled deckchairs while the kiddies run around. Next door to the hall is the Sip n' Snip salon here one can sip vodkas while having your hair styled.

It really is a magical place. However this place is under threat.

From the website:

Due to the bankruptcy of our landlords, the building that the Forest currently occupies was put up for sale in October 2010, and our lease terminated as of August 31st 2011. We do not want to see this listed historic building sold to developers and transformed into yet another generic coffee shop or sports pub. The Forest is a vital resource for Edinburgh - a unique, free and freely-accessible multi-arts venue - and we want to be able to keep doing what we do best. Our campaign is to raise enough money and public support to keep operating in this home.. Given the extensive public support we have seen to date, we are confident that this is achievable.

A has pledged some of his birthday money to go to the Save the Forest Fund. Well done!

As entertainment we hired a DJ to play A's favourite funk tracks as well as chart nonsense for all of the teeny boppers to dance along to. The guys have promised to keep the kids thoroughly entertained. As this is such a huge event we thought we'd really push the boat out and make it something to remember.

I used the bboy forums to contact a local famous (or famous locally?) breakdancing crew and have managed to hire them for a minimal fee (and the promise of food) to come and perform a freestyle dance show. We were attending a big breakdancing competition two weeks ago where he witnessed the guys in action. Major Mummy points! Although the venue will be quite dark, I've recruited the services of a fantastically talented art student called Aaron Sinclair who is doing a giant graffiti mural to decorate the hall with.

It will be a fantastic memento for A to keep. Aaron was recently commissioned by Edinburgh Council to decorate a new skatepark that was erected in the Western part of the city.

In terms of food, the hall lacks any kind if kitchen facilities so I had to think outside the box. Being at that weird age of 12, I thought that they would all appreciate some junk good as a treat. I've managed to get a fantastic deal on take away pizzas from Alfie's favourite Pizza shop on the Grassmarket, Mamma's pizzeria. One dozen sixteen inch pizzas will be delivered half way through th event after the breakdance show. There is a little bar area in the corner here. I will be plying the kids with fizzy pop and keeping them hydrated. I'm erecting a photo booth in the corner with cameras so that kids can dip in and out to take daft snaps of themselves!

I've also managed to bag the most amazing party favours in the form of penny sweet mixtures from a fabulous retro sweetie shop, Sweet in Bruntsfield.

I think it will be a Party to remember!


  1. Hope it's a great party! That first picture of tea cakes has left me drooling :)

  2. Wow that sounds fantastic I'm sure they will have a great time. BTW your food at the start looks amazing! :)

  3. I tried to make a nice table setting and the buggers kept eating as I was putting it out. Thanks ladies. I survived the party without much fuss although I had to stay back for an hour after as someone FORGOT to pick up their child!



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