Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Week That Was.


I haven't written a post in ages but have been so tired that I can barely function let alone blog. The last few weeks have been mental, so this is just an update post. I've been so busy with the kids that I have barely had time to do anything except upload photographs to Facebook so everyone knows that we're still alive.

A's three day visit to high school was a roaring success. He loved every minute of it and went alone without a learning assistant. There was always help in the classrooms so he wasn't overwhelmed by the experience. He actually feels a bit better about losing some of his good friends to other schools as the visit allowed him to identify who would be there in the Autumn. All of the parents were invited to an information evening on the last day and it was there that I had the chance to meet with the deputy head who already has a soft spot for A and the principal teacher of the support for learning department, who all remain confident that they can support A as much as he needs it.

On the weekend after it was A's party and I am pleased to report that it went without incident unlike most years. Because the venue is decorated by passing artists some of the murals in the bathrooms were a bit graphic and half way through as the pizza arrived we were treated to the sight of a homeless man sitting down at the piano outside the hall, dumping his bedding beside the door, tying his dog to the piano leg and breaking into Chopin's Piano Concerto no.1 in E Minor (second movement I think). All of the kids were blown away by the shabby chic bohemian venue. It was a little bit dark and dangerous and the loved the thrill of it. I unveiled A's special mural to him before the party and he was overjoyed with it. The disco went down a storm despite the DJ playing the Macarena at one point! The kids were plied with super tasty pizza and filled with fizzy pop just in time for a breakdance crew to burst in and put on a special show for the birthday boy. He was gobsmacked! I did have to stay behind for over an hour afterwards as someone forgot to pick up their son! He was a bit of a hero at school that week.

A rushed from his birthday party to a five hour long rehearsal for his play that night. The play was fantastic and sold out on both nights. We were all particularly proud of him as he was at least three years younger than the rest of the cast. He is joining the company for a week long workshop during the summer holidays.

After this we were busy wrapping up his very last and very emotional week of primary school. A torturous week with many, many tears shed. He was also wrapping up the last of his activities with a breakdance show and a judo grading and the presentation of a football trophy. There was a special mass for the leavers where a song that had been composed by one of the primary seven girls was sung. The mass was the culmination of a year long fundraising campaign that the school had been running in conjunction with the parents of an ex pupil, Gary O'Donnell who was killed in Iraq a few years ago. His parents were there to receive the money to put towards a foundation set up in Gary's name. A was very emotional after the mass and upset for the rest of the day.

That night all of the primary seven kids put their gladrags on for a leavers prom. Now I know that I slagged off the idea of a prom before but in comparison to most of the other proms taking place across Edinburgh and the Lothians, this was a sedate affair. A ceilidh in the gym hall with crisps and pizza. No limos or helicopters in sight. A looked awesome and the girls were swooning at his feet!

At the end of the week, all of the pupils waved goodbye to each other and the teachers sobbed as they watched their charges leave the school gates for the last time. A was in tears again and his mates rallied around him telling him it was good to let it out (this made me cry!) but then brightened up when he received a kiss on the cheek from the love of his life. All of the parents were banished from the side of the boys (except me, this is because according to one mum, that I do not look like a parent) and we took off to Pizza Hut to buy supplies for a picnic. The whole year were meeting for ice cream and a water fight later but this particular group are really close and are going their separate ways come August so they sat for a while having a quiet picnic before buggering off to climb trees. The janitor of the school let us have the playing field as our venue. The very same janitor, George Parakevakis, who recently received an award from the local authority for his work at the school. ' Mr George' (as the kids call him) said that he hoped the boys would come back to visit him when they are grown.

The weekend brought his actual birthday. We bought him a PC as he'll need something for high school next year. We haven't seen him since...

Miss B is really blooming and was going to all of her activities and toddler groups for the last few week too.

I am so bloody tired........


  1. Wow...I'm not surprised you're tired. I need a littler lie-down after reading it. Well done to your little man (LOVE the tree photo) and your wee gal is only gorgeous XXX

  2. What a busy time you've had. The dark artsy party with the breakdancing and the Dj sounds amazing!
    I will have to make a mental note and steal the theme in years to come!

  3. @Jean: thank you lovely. Starting to feel guilty about being very lazy this week! xx

  4. @ Tinuke: I would heartily recommend it! xxx


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