Saturday, 6 August 2011

Aargh! My bloody skin.

Does anyone else have eczema?

Does anyone else know the itch? My itching has produced a frustrated blogpost. I am, as always having a wonderful week and am looking forward to a lovely weekend. The only thing that has blighted this week is my bloody skin as I've had a major flare up on my hands. For years I've spent so much time trying to keep it at bay, making diaries about what flares it up and it's a battle I will never win. Cold aggravates it, heat worsens it, as does having moist skin and dry skin. Eating dairy brings it out, not eating diary makes it worse...catch my drift. So while the kids and I have been out adventuring this week, my hands have actually blistered and those blisters have burst until they are a mess. There are no creams for me that prevent it so I have yo grin and bear it until it decides to go away. OD touched my hand and a bit of skin fell off! So this weekend I shall be mostly hiding and itching my hands...

Pah! Sorry for moaning (again).

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  1. I do sympathise. I suffered with it during my early 20's. It was itchy, sore and sometimes very painful. When it was bad I'd use steriod creams from the doc. Certain cleaning products would cause flare ups. Funny thing is it disapeared as quick as it started. I haven't had it now for nearly 20 yrs.

  2. oh you poor thing. That does look sore.

    I had a phase of eczema and contact dermatitis a few years ago. A combo of steroid cream and avoiding too much washing up ! got on top of it before it got too bad.

  3. Thanks guys! This flare up is passing again. I havent managed to get out of doing the dishes yet! xx

  4. That is just like Maxi's creases, perhaps you need a stronger steriod cream


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