Monday, 8 August 2011

Being a Bad Influence...

Has anyone else tried to corrupt their child?

As grows, the world becomes more grey. Shades of grey that is. One of the most testing things we will encounter of the next few years as progresses through high school is negotiating and helping him understand the grey areas in our all of our lives. For an ASD kid the world is a very literal place but the boundary between misconstruing something and it being charming ends with primary school. I hope and have been assured that the environment of his particular high school is an understanding and nurturing place, it is still full of spotty hormonal teenagers.

One of these grey areas we have been approaching is film and game certification. While most of his friends have Call of Duty 4: Black Ops (not something I agree with but that's an entirely different blog post) and are watching their Dad's DVD collection, still watches kiddies films and plays Super Mario. He pays strict attention to the ratings on media, not transgressing the boundaries at all. But now he's actually 12, he is still reluctant to watch 12 certificate films. This was okay in primary school where you had a mix of interests but in high school...well, we all know what goes on there!

So OD and I have been trying to get him to watch older film, films that he can technically watch now that he's 12. We are worried that kids at high school will think (OR WILL GUESS) that he's really immature and that his preferred entertainment will be perceived as babyish. I'd love to keep him young and innocent forever but the rough tough world of high school will soon knock that out of him and if we introduce him to certain things, then we will be able to talk through any issues he has. Perhaps the opposite move from what some parents have to do, where they limit the violence and inappropriate content their kids watch. So far he's having none of it. Time will tell.

Here is my top five coming of age films


  1. Omg I'm so with you with this. My eldest has mild Aspergers so he takes everything very literally! He loves old style Dads Army, Open all Hours, Mr Bean etc but we have slowly but surely got him on to older style Dvd's. He hasn't watched it some yet but last week my Oh and I watched Wierd Science and laughed our socks off! Love your list and they are all definitely on mine too. :)

  2. It's an ace film! Although I'm trying the project my coming of age films onto him, he does need to be exposed to more mature things. A is the same with slapstick, Monty Python, Mr Bean etc. I hope it works soon. xx


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