Monday, 15 August 2011

Listography - Top Five Guilty Pleasures...

Mmm... I do guilty pleasures like no other human I know, as I profess to be rather snobbish at times about food, literature, media and culture.

Holding myself to such high standards, my guilty pleasures seem all the more sinful.

When I saw that it was this weeks topic I was thoroughly excited. There are a few friends out there that will piss themselves when they find these out...

Guily Pleasure #1: I love Gossip Girl. 

This is the biggest load of nonsense to ever grace my television screen.

It's a cheesy drama about a bunch of sickeningly good looking over-privileged, spoiled brats. Despite these facts, I love it.

The silly drama of it all, the ridiculously expensive couture paraded across the screen by stick insects, the sexual tension. She loves him, but he loves someone else and she got drunk and had sex with so and so and so and so's parents have cut off their credit card... You get the picture.

I'm feeling ashamed already...

Guilty Pleasure #2: Kentucky Fried Chicken

I love food and I love cooking. I love sourcing local, natural organic produce and I love making every meal from scratch. Despite this I can on occasion be found in Edinburgh hiding behind the partition of the seating booths in my local branch of KFC.

I might as well add in the interests of full disclosure that I engage in this activity without the kids as I would never allow them to eat this crap with the frequency that I do. This is clearly not my fault but the Colonel's as demonstrated in the following clip:

Guilty Pleasure #3: Sweeties.

Again something I do not condone in my own children but my own childhood of chasing the ice-cream van has left me with a greedy streak. Recently, I'm very much ashamed to say I found out that my local branch of Blockbusters was closing and I went in with the kids to look for some cheap Blu-Rays. I emerged after 40 minutes disc-less but with an entire JanSport rucksack full of half price Pick n' Mix, Galazy Minstrels, Haribo sweets, popcorn, Milkybar buttons and the list goes on and on.

They lasted a few nights until I had scoffed the lot (I did receive a huge helping hand from OD). I even made a return trip but the store had closed. Boo!

Guilty Pleasure #4: Films that contain spontaneous dancing.

As I child I used to while away hours learning dance routines and in the absence of any formal dance lessons, I used to copy them from films.

Any film where a character spontenously broke into dance was immediately my favourite and summarily taped off the telly or purchased on VHS. I used to love Footloose, Saturday Night Fever, Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Singin' in the Rain to name but a few. I still remember the moves, just ask me when I'm drunk.

Guilty Pleasure #5: Clothes for the kids.

I spend an inordinate amount of money on clothes for the kids, Miss B in particular. Money that could best be spent elsewhere. I get bags of hand me downs and I don't use them. People comment on how wasteful it is without even knowing the price of them. It's actually a cheaper exercise than spending money on clothes for myself. I justify the amount for A seeing as he's going to high school and is influenced by the choices of others and I justify those for Miss B as she's my last baby and just gorgeous. I seriously don't give a crap!

So there you go, Oh Mammy's guilty pleasures. If you feel the need to humiliate yourself and to share you own versions do check out the very awesome Kate Takes Five blog and join in. Go know you want to.


  1. Love your list. I was going to put your 1 and 5 on me too. I had already professed a weakness for Dawson's Creek and Glee so thought I'd better not put Gossip Girl as well. Is it wrong to like watching pretty people pretending to be teenagers, behaving badly?

    I love watching films where people dance too. And I love a flash mob. Just think it should happen more in real life.

  2. A great list! My teeth have never fully recovered from a past sweet addiction but I still still like to indulge in the sour ones & childhood classics!
    And what cool children you have benefiting from your guilt! x x

  3. I am with you on clothes, and the dancing films. Sweets as well, big weakness of mine x

  4. How funny Mammy. I can so relate to the sweeties and KFC. If only my kids knew! LOL Love the dance movies too. Love your list and your brutal honesty. LOL

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  5. breaking out in dance after first starting in the crouch position is my ultimate!

  6. I love that left-field 'Films that contain spontaneous dancing'. Genius.

  7. Great list - I'm the same with kids' clothes - good thing I've only got the one child, otherwise I'd be bankrupt!

  8. Thanks for commenting everyone! I'm looking forward to checking out your contributions tonight! xx

  9. I spend an inexplicable amount on children's clothes as well. I'm kind of a Baby Gap Addict!

  10. Great list i think I can agree with nearly all your list (except 1 as I have never seen gossip girl). I try and resist buying kids cloths and leave it for the sales and charity shops (or leave it to granny)


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