Monday, 29 August 2011

Mammy's Monday Music Meme! Week 2.

After the success of last week, I've decided to give it another go. I had a few messages on Twitter et al. from people who were just too busy to join in last week.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's different choices and we even had a contribution from a non-Blogger which was ace!

So all you have to do is:

Write a blog post as short or as long as you like on the theme of music. It can be as simple as you've found a new song that you like and want to share it because it makes you happy, sad etc etc. Or it could be a post on how a particular song has a specific meaning or memory attached to it (wedding, funeral, births etc etc).

I have written a few so far and my inspiration came from a whole host of reasons. I posted a song after an impromptu afternoon out with friends. I posted a song on the day that my eldest son started High School. I posted a song because it moved me and I posted a song because I heard that the band who had written the song had split up

So come on and have a go. Even if you are a reader but don't have a blog yourself please leave a comment below with your song of the day and a reason why you find that song interesting. If you do have a blog please use the Mister Linky Widget below and I'm so looking forward to listening!

Have fun! xx

The links are found when you press this button below. Please check out the other participants posts! And leave a comment so I know you've linked. You can check out last weeks offerings here if you need some inspiration. 

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  1. All done! I finally worked out how to link! x


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