Sunday, 14 August 2011

Oh Mammy's Song of the Day.

I had planned on including this song at some point and it has a fascinating story behind it.

I discovered this lovely lady while seeking out videos for another band I admire, Mersault and I realised that this particular video was made in a juice shop where I happened to be with Miss B at the very moment of filming. In the middle of my smoothie I heard this and B absolutely loved the song. This artist is on the up and we wish her the very best in her bright, bright future.

Rachael Sermanni: Sleep.


  1. wow, thats amazing,i really miss this kind of acoustic music...totally stealing it for my blog! :)

  2. I love her stuff. You can actually hear Bella shouting in the background about 1:40 minutes in!

    She's from up the road. If you've a hankering for acoustic stuff then check this out, Edinburgh is buzzing with a great folk scene at the moment:

    I'd recommend these guys who are mates of ours:



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