Saturday, 13 August 2011

Recent Hospital Visits.

The result of some recent hospital investigations is that Miss B has something commonly known as Toddler's Diarrhoea.While this is not serious, after her major weight loss after birth, her tongue tie, her reflux and now this, we seem to be battling with or at least worrying about her weight again.

Toddlers Diarrhoea, if mild enough can go untreated and the consultants seem to be happy enough with her diet. Toddler's diarrhoea is a diagnosis of exclusion when all other diseases have been excluded. It is very common in children between the ages of 1 and 5 years of age and is of no consequence. It simply is a reflection of the increased speed of transit of food going through the gut. As long as the child is growing well and has a good appetite and no other symptoms then this is most likely to be the diagnosis. It also goes by the name of "Peas and Carrots syndrome" where often food particles are seen in the stool and up to 5-6 loose bowel motions per day can occur. Sometimes it can be helped by decreasing juices in the diet, increasing the amount of fat and decreasing the amount of fibre. More information can be found here.

We've discussed her diet and there isn't anything major we can change. She doesn't consume the stuff that makes it worse and she has a great balanced diet. 

The only thing I'm particularly worried about is, now that potty training is nearing, my carpet!

Has anyone else had experience with this? How did you cope with potty training?


  1. those little yakults - one a day - hugely helped.

  2. Ooh thanks. Will give them a try!


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