Thursday, 11 August 2011

What would you do with a child-free weekend?

30/I don't want your freedom
I don't want to play around
I don't want nobody's baby
Part-time love just brings me down
I don't need your freedom
Girl all I want right now is you

OD and I have the prospect of a child free weekend at the end of the month. Are you thinking wayhey! freedom! Well, I'm not. I have no idea what do to with such freedom.

Cue pointless, spiraling ponderings... 

As I sit here Googling potential activities, holiday destinations, hotels rented by the hour, I find these song lyrics creeping into my mind. I am suitably horrified that I am (internally) singing Wham!because, of course, I am far too cool for such things. However, the words ring true for me at the moment and the prospect of a child free weekend has me asking am I that sad that I don't relish the thought of getting rid of the kids? Or am I just safe in the knowledge that my relationship with OD rocks so much that we don't need time alone on this scale? Could it be that after years and years of being more than just a mother, balancing a multitude of things on my shoulders, that I now am completely unchallenged by being just a mother? Or do I just have a shitty imagination?

While it will be nice, I'm not particularly excited by the idea of having a child free weekend. I have plenty of friends who moan about their kids and read plenty of bloggers who yearn for break from their kids. Being constantly regaled with tales of how other people, while absolutely adoring their kids, are driven up the wall by them, suffocated even, I have been under the impression that I should be acting like this also. But I don't feel like this and it confuses me. I don't feel overwhelmed by my kids, or their schedules, or mine. Is it because I have an adventurous spirit, that I don't let the kids hold me back from anything that I don't crave alone time. Sitting here thinking about what activities we might have possibly been saving up for a time when there is no kiddies around, I have drawn a complete blank! I always take the kids on my wild adventures and so I am REALLY struggling to think of anything I actually can't do when the kids are around.

So far here is my child-free activity list based on activities we can't actually do when the kids are around:

1) Walk around naked in the daytime.
2) Get pissed during the daytime.

Sound exciting. No, I thought not. 

I've never been much of an exhibitionist and really, if I got drunk during the day, I would need a lie down and would probably have a hangover by 9PM.

So I am wondering if there is something wrong with me? Or am I not working hard enough at life or at raising my kids in that I don't need time off constantly? I am perpetually shattered and there are evenings when I am exhausted and unable to write for work or for here but I get up in the morning with a smile on my face and renewed energy. I don't moan about my man or my kids, perhaps because I am not internally unhappy. If, on the rare occasion that I do get hacked off by something or someone, they are told straight away and the issue is immediately worked through and resolved. Then I go along my merry way. I enjoy every minute of my life with my kids. 

Nevertheless, I will take up the offer. I do really need to come up with something better than naked daytime drinking...

30/08/2011 UPDATE: 

So it is official...OD and I have an entire weekend free from children this weekend, well our own ones anyway. It's not as if we will walk onto the street and all of the children will have disappeared in some sort of Danny Boyle-esque film.

Okay, I'll admit it now that Miss B is nearly two and has never spent a night away from us and it's going to be hard. It's just how we roll in this family. We are incredibly close and enjoy our time together. The kids are growing so fast that before we know it, the time will come when we only get weekly phone calls and the occasional dinner when they are in the city, so our time, to me, is precious.

When I said to OD "what are we going to do this weekend?" he said "probably spend the entire time wondering what the kids are up to!"

Any thoughts?


  1. Ooh, do nothing, or sleep, read, eat 'bad' food without hiding so you don't have to share with kids, watch what you want on tv, erm, I'm sure I can come up with some more but if all else fails naked drinking could be fun :)

  2. i'd have lots of sex. you know the kind you use to have before children. xx


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