Friday, 9 September 2011

Five things I want you to know about your father.

This is my first attempt at the wonderful Notes from Home's Friday Club Bloggers Carnival. It is a great idea and the rules can be found on Ella's site.

Friday Club

So here is mine. It is a post dedicated to OD and for his kids to read when they are grown. 

Five things I want you to know about your father

Your father is a clever man.
Not as clever as your mother but no-one is perfect ;) I will always get into a debate and while the hours away with philosophy and mad tangents. You father is the man to go to if you need information. I have no idea where he stores this but he is very logical and rational and will sit down with you until you understand something.  He is a very handy person to have at a pub quiz bu don't ask him to read a map! 

Your father is so very proud of you.
Your father not a very demonstrative man and is a quiet man of few words at times but he watches the pair of you like a hawk. He admires your individualism and your achievements. He will always be there to give you the gentle nudge that you need. 

Your father loves you unconditionally.
To A: although you guys clash at times, your father loves you deeply as his own. You father also has some issues with public displays of affection among men and doesn't do man hugs but know that his fist bumps are from the heart. As are his occasional awkward man hugs. 
To B: Your father really could squeeze you until one of you passes out. You are his princess and it will be his fault if you turn into a complete diva when you're two!

I love, admire, appreciate and respect him.
He is my best friend and always has been since we met. He gets on my nerves sometimes and his jokes are awful at times but we connect in a way that is impossible with other people.  He is a good man and I get angry if people slag him off.  And when you guys become teenagers, hell mend you if you disrespect your father!

Your father is a strong man and will always be there for us. 
Although it seems like I boss him about endlessly, you father will always step in when needed. He is the firm hand that guides us. 

Your father likes to clean.
He has a bit of a thing about germs although he would never admit to this. So when you guys have flown the nest, take advantage of the fact that your father may visit you and clean your abodes. I will take you for coffee...


  1. That's a really awesome thing to do for your kids.  Just remember to show them when they're older!

  2. Thanks Doug! I'm hoping I will. :)

  3. I'm not dead you know, nor do I intend to be when both kids have reached their teenage years. Thanks Fran, very complimentary (I think). Don't agree with the map reading point though!

  4. He sounds like a real keeper

  5. Great post - it's a good theme isn't it? And I love those pictures. 

  6. Oooh a cleaner and a great dad - lucky you!

  7. Loving that he loves to clean. No sock blindness here.

  8. This is a lovely post, he sounds like a wonderful man.

    Thanks so much for joining in the carnival this week xx

  9. I think I'd like a second Dad :) "your father may visit you and clean your abodes "

  10. Yeah but he doesn't clean my house! Thanks for commenting Blue Sky. :)

  11. Thanks so much for hosting Ella. I've really enjoyed this. :)

  12. I have sock blindness! It drives him mad ;)

  13. Ta chuck! No matching names here though...

  14. Thanks! He is very handsome. The Twitter ladies were in quite a tiz over him ;)


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