Friday, 2 September 2011

I've been tagged! Ten things you don't know about me.

Or ten things you wished you didn't know about me!

The wonderfully, lovely and splendorous (there really aren't enough adjectives to describe how wonderful she is) Anna over at DummyMummy has tagged me in a meme entitled: Ten things you don't know about me.

I'm sitting here wracking my brains as I'm a pretty forthcoming kind of person and so you lot probably know all my quirks. Plus, I think I have completed one of these before so I may have to delve deeper into my box of Crazy for this one. So here goes:

1) I've had a book dedicated to me or at least have been acknowledged in a book (whatever you might call it). I have only just discovered this. Go to page eight.

2) I'm really short sighted. I'm so short sighted that the actually chuckle in my opticians! I can't bear the pity in their eyes, when they're telling me that my eyes have worsened again, that I would be needing new glasses and stronger contact lenses. The other day I was forced to wear my glasses out in public (the last time I had to do this was in the deserts of Iran when I hadn't slept for 38 hours straight) to collect my new batch of contact lenses and it HAD to be the day I bumped into a whole bunch of people I knew on the way there!

3) I hate escalators! I get freaked out going down a down escalator and so try to avoid them at all costs. This is proving hard seeing as thinks that they are great and my nerves are shot to pieces helping her get on them. 

4) I like to hide. I have a tendency to hide. When I was small(er) this manifested itself as hiding in wardrobes (Yes, I was a huge fan of C. S. Lewis) and cupboards with a torch and a book. When I was older we lived near some woods and I used to hide in there in a gang-hut that I had built.  Nowadays I just don't bother answering my phone...

Okay...things are getting odd.

5) I used to be a Mod. No, I not that old but in my teen years I developed a love of 1950/60's Mod culture.  I've always loved the music but started to dress in shift dresses and wear parka's and ride on the back of scooters. I used to go to a nightclub in an art school that had a Mod night every Saturday and guys would line up outside with their scooters, comparing the amount of mirrors they had. There was a huge group of us who used to travel around looking for Northern Soul clubs, even visiting Wigan a few times when they had revival nights. I used to hang about cafe's listening to beat poets, smoking French cigarettes and wearing turtlenecks!

Yes, we've opened that can of crazy now...

 6) I used to be a single parent. I don't know how many people know that much about me on here. This blog came into being recently and I did have a wilder, weird and varied existence before I started writing this. A proper single parent with very little support, nobody to take my kid off me when I was bored, frustrated or tired. I had two nights out a year and I loved it. I was on my own when I was pregnant with A and met OD when A was 4 years old. This has left me with a terrible independent streak and a better parent, I think. I do sometimes forget that OD has a say in things and should be consulted when making wild plans and I do forget sometimes that I don't have to do it all myself. Both of my parents worked long hours and so couldn't babysit often and nowadays things are still the same. I also hate to ask and don't take babysitters unless they are offered (which they seldom are) and don't live with the assumption that I deserve to go out and get wrecked at every turn. I chose to have my kids and I love every minute of my time with my family, the good and the bad. Call me an old saddo but our lives are what we make them and we have freedom of choice in nearly everything we do. People that moan incessantly about their lives, the partners, their kids, their houses and generally their lot in life, work my last nerve. We have some child free time coming up and I honestly have no idea what to do with it! My story is here.

7) I don't like domesticated animals. I am severely allergic to all things that have hair/fur/slobber. I have asthma and I hate the feeling of having my throat close and struggling for breath. I've been using steroid creams for weeks because a dog licked me a few weeks back, flared up my eczema and my hands look like this:

This means that since childhood I have developed a fear/dislike/apathy towards all forms of domesticated animals.

8) Erm...

9) I can't think of anymore! I've been sitting on this for days and I honestly can't think of anything else to write but here are another seven things that I shared previously.

So I'm tagging Six other bloggers and charging them with the same task.

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Because that's just about enough crazy from me...


  1. Oh no, I got tagged a week ago :(

    I don't think I can think of 10 more things.....

  2. No probs, Kylie. I must have missed your on your blog. Will go back and have a read. x

  3. That excema is quite something, but a nice excuse not to have to get a pet for the children (not that we've got one, except interesting 'mini beasts' in the garden, but they're starting to ask). With you with the escalators. Hate them anyway, but I am even  more phobic when with a buggy in tow. 


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