Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Bucket List

I've been going through a reflective phase again, reassessing where we are as a family and looking at where we want to be, what we want to achieve and what we want for the kids.

I'm working on new plans for myself and I have resolved to try to sleep less and fit more things into my day. I was once an avid readers, now I scan blogs and newspapers for intellectual stimulus. I can't remember the last time I read something challenging like poetry or revisited some great classics that I haven't had time to get my teeth into. My house is full of half finished projects and craft supplies for unfinished clothes and jewellery. My to do lists are getting longer these days until there comes a point where things like laundering the curtains, cleaning the windows and ironing the bedlinen get struck off completely.  So inspired by the Jack Nicholson film, I decided to write my Bucket List.

It is an odd list and more of a wish list that I hope to do someday rather than because my time is running out. Most of these will be in the spirit of "if money and time were no object" flights of fantasy and I certainly don't have the Grim Reaper chasing my tail. This is also MY list for a change. Not what I want for my kids, my partner or our family but me. Someday, somehow...

1) Learn a language fluently. Not just picking at several at once. I need to learn a language properly and fully. I could start with English...

2) Learn to sing. This is so self indulgent but something I've always desired. I'm really quite musical and have in my time played the sax, the flute, the clarinet, the drums, the piano and both Classical and electric guitar, all of which I was particularly good at. The ability to sing, however, has always eluded me. My voice coach during high school had the most horrendous obsession with Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals and I loathe them. To pass my standard grade, I had to do a voice element to the exam and she made me sing the biggest pile of shite I have ever heard. It put me off singing for quite a long time and wish that she had nurtured the voice I had rather than attempting to make me into an Elaine Page clone.

Just to properly re-open that old wound, here is the pile of rotting poo I had to sing:


3) Learn how to dress myself. I have a deep dark secret desire to be Gok'd. I have absolutely no idea what suits me or how to dress myself. I coast along day to day believing that I am the bastard lovechild of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain and that after 20-odd years, the Grunge look is still in. This state is fine on a daily basis but when a day comes that I have to put thought into what I wear then this happens:

4) Visit places I'd like to travel to. On my list so far are Barcelona, Istanbul, Santorini, Sicily, Mexico, Marrakesh  Moscow, Tuscany.

5) Foster kids. Although OD and I are having no more kids, preferring to concentrate our efforts, attention and money on the ones we have, when I'm much older, I'd like to do this. I'm sure OD has other plans and thinks that we'll be turning the kids rooms into Man rooms and movie theaters. OD dreams of the day where he can sit about in his underpants watching movies and A actually took him at his word,
that when he has his mid-life crisis, he'll be a naked motorcyclist.  When I'm in my 50's or whatever and we have a big empty house because our kids are away enjoying themselves travelling, studying, breakdancing or whatever it is that they desire, I'd like to open our doors to kids who really need it. Kids who need some stability, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. As multi-talented as I am, the thing that gives me the biggest sense of satisfaction is being a mother. I like to look after people. The poor dears might have to put up with OD sitting in his pants though...

6) Open a cafe. While my cooking is much more suited to restaurant menus, the stress involved in that really is immense and so I'd like to have a cafe. All of my family know that this is my perfect profession but the money it would take is not possible for the foreseeable. I saw the perfect premises last week. Sigh...

7) Be a teacher. While I have no idea how I would fit this in between all the foster kids and cafe work but I have always wanted to be a teacher. At the precise moment I was going to apply to do teacher training, the arse fell out of the teaching profession in Scotland. There are hundreds of people applying for the same job all over Edinburgh and the Lothians. A good friend applied for a position which had 90 other people applying for!

8) Fully explore my creative side. I want to discover my potential for crafty things.

9) Be a DJ. Only because I think the majority of people have shit taste in music. I'd have a Northern Soul night club night. There would be plenty of Funk and Ska too. It would be awesome!

10) Pick up the guitar again. I used to collect guitars like some women collect shoes. I miss my axe sometimes and love a good face-melting solo. I need to do this before I become all Folky and lose my Death Metal mojo.

I'm sure there are plenty other things that will crop up so I'll revise this in years to come.

Oh and in the course of writing this Ellen has turned this into a meme over at In A Bun Dance so go check her out. She's every so funny!


  1. Brilliant list. I want to come to your cafe where you will sing (in French), DJ and play the guitar. The foster kids would probably do a dance routine too.

  2. Great list. I love it. You have inspired me to add to my Bucket List. I would love to open a B&B or cafe. I think my list is going to keep growing as more and more things occur to me. 

    I am feeling rather grateful right now that I did not give in to my mother and apply to study teaching in Scotland.

  3. Thanks MmeLindor. I have a feeling my list will increase over time too. And you were indeed right not to give in. 


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