Sunday, 16 October 2011

Travelling with ASD kids

So as I have mentioned, it's Sunday and we are en route to London to attend the UK BBoy Championships at the Brixton Academy. Already I have been up for hours finely tuning our travel arrangements. A is so excited but with this excitement he is very jittery, anxious and hasn't been able to eat since yesterday.

With A I always have to have an itinerary so he has something to focus on, much the same as his school week is timetabled at school and in our home so he can think clearly and organise himself. I have to keep updating him with our steps and times. Forty minutes into our train journey and we already have had tears as the enormity of the trip has hit him, a mini meltdown because the train came in at another platform to the advertised one.

Travelling with A is always a bit of a nerve-wracking experience, trying to anticipate potential obstacles, keeping him abreast of changes. Even here on the train I have had to timetable our four and a half hour journey!
It's getting near his allotted iPad time so I best sign off.

For anyone travelling with kids on the spectrum the National Autistic Society has some useful hints and tips here:

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