Saturday, 15 October 2011

Uk BBoy Championships 2011. We're going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've had an incredible run of luck this week! After reflecting on how lucky we are at the beginning of the week in terms of how well A is doing at school and B's recent speech and language therapy assessment, we found out on Wednesday at our luck was extending even further.

I got a phone call on Wednesday to say that A had won a competition. I had no idea what the man was on about at first until I twigged. You see, A went through a competition entering phase about six months ago which we had to put a stop to. He would apply for everything and anything but couldn't grasp the concept that winning it was purely the luck of the draw. He would come home everyday and ask if a particular company or magazine had been in touch regarding his prize.I am not ashamed to admit that it was driving me mad! Every day this would go on until he eventually realised that he hadn't won the competition. And then, when he realised that he hadn't actually won the desired prize,  their would be a major huff for days at the disappointment. So in true bad parent style, I banned him from entering all competitions.

Then he caught me out. I was busy at the computer writing articles and blogging and emailing and generally behind in everything so trying to do it all at once and be pounced. He must have said something along the lines of "Can I enter this competition?" and I must have mumbled "whatever" and waved him away...

And so he won! He has won the prize of his dream and I had idea how I was going to make this happen! If you follow this blog then you might have notices I live in Edinburgh and to collect this prize we would have to get to Brixton this weekend! Luckily his grandparents have stepped in to help out and it looks like we're definitely heading to Brixton this weekend.

I've blogged before about how much Breakdancing means to A. Being autistic, A is always going to feel like an outsider in some respects. As hard as we have worked to make him feel a part of mainstream society, he knows deep down that he'll always be different. When A found Breakdancing and the alternative culture that comes with it, it changed his life. He felt a part of something and this gave him confidence. At school, he wastes no time in showing off his skills and is proud of being able to achieve something in a space where he is all too aware that he is behind his peers. And sometimes it is hard for him, especially if he is mixing with his peers at lessons as they have little patience for his slow learning.

During this year or so of lessons, he has been joining communities and networking and keeping tabs on his favourite BBoys and BGirls from around the world via the internet. He watches video after video of competitions and trailers and I've managed to take him to a few events here in Edinburgh. The events here though are few and far between.The culture is growing here. With fantastic ventures happening all of the time. There are a few specialised clothing shops opening up and even professional graffiti workshops available!

The prize: VIP tickets to the UK BBoy Championships 2011 at Brixton's o2 Academy. The prize includes official merchandise, new Asics trainers, a New Era cap and the recently released book BBoy Championships: From Brixton to the Bronx written by the event organiser, DJ Hooch. The next day we will be exploring London town as it is A's first ever visit!

I knew that he would be blown away and when he came home that night to the news, he was beside himself with joy. He spent the rest of the evening speechless, wide eyed and pale at the prospect of attending the championships. This is such a big deal to him and I cannot wait to see his face when we enter the venue.

Now in its 17th year, the UK B-Boy Championships is one of the World’s greatest Hip-Hop events. Qualifiers take place Worldwide, where dancers battle for the chance to represent their nation on the Ultimate Stage!

The B-Boy Championships is one of the world’s greatest Hip-Hop events. There are national qualifiers worldwide where dancers compete for the opportunity to represent their country at one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the hip-hop calendar. The event features the best solo breakers, poppers, lockers and bboy crews from across the globe. It also plays host to some of the most exciting Hip-Hop artists to visit the UK.
The best dancers from around the globe are soon to converge at the Brixton Academy  to compete in the World’s #1 B-Boy competition in a battle to become the 2011 World Champions. The Championships brings together the best of the best from the US, UK, Japan, Korea, Russia, China, Holland and Scandinavia. After a five-month search, staging eight international eliminations, the winners will now all take part in the ultimate B-Boy battle. Over 5,000 people are set to descend on London’s Brixton Academy to watch all the incredible action during the event.

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