Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Autism Strategy for Scotland

This is something that I'm hoping to discuss over the coming weeks as I haven't had the time to pour over every single part of this and dissect it but given that it's a recent event in Scotland I may as well share it now.
Finally, after quite a long wait, the Scottish Government have published the new Autism Strategy for Scotland on the 2nd of November. It is hoped that this strategy will go towards helping some of the 50,000 people in Scotland with an ASD diagnosis.
The news that the government is addressing the enormous challenges currently faced by the 1 in 100 Scots who have autism is greatly welcomed by autism charities. It is change at this level that will be crucial in helping create a better country for people with autism and their families.
In addition to £10m funding to help and support people with autism and their families, announced earlier this year, the Strategy for Autism commits to a further £3.4 million investment. Over the next four years, the funding will help to:
  • recruit local authority autism co-ordinators who will provide information, advice and support for local authorities throughout Scotland
  • support the Scottish Autism Services Network, with a remit to build competence in the workforce to assist post-diagnostic support
  • help people affected by autism to access social care services
  • create a development fund of £1 million per year, for which both local and national organisations can apply
  • develop new drop-in services for people with autism across Scotland.
The Strategy for Autism is good news for Scotland, but there is still a long way to go. It remains to be seen how much of these words will actually translate into action.
If you want to read the overview, then please follow this link.

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