Sunday, 27 November 2011

Boo's Birthday Do!

I've mentioned before that we like to party and I have a tendency to go a bit mental when it's the kids birthdays. This time for B's 2nd birthday, I absentmindedly invited 18 kids and 14 adults along to help us celebrate Miss B's birthday. Then, I forgot about it.

Yeah, I did. Seriously, I completely forgot about it until a week before. So I had to get my thinking cap on. Our Boo loves to read and so I decided on the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme for the event. A quick scour of the tinterwebs and I had ordered all of the party accoutrements and had hired a singer to entertain the bairns while they were here.

It was excellent fun! Well, at least I think it was as I was running about like a headless chicken the whole time. It was a really special event with grandparents and dear friends who helped B celebrate this special day (or weekend -honestly, they make less fuss of the Queen!)


                                                         Stage 1 of the cake making

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