Thursday, 17 November 2011

Miss B is Two Today!

Happy, happy birthday to our beautiful girl. We love you so much and you have made our lives so much richer. Every day is an adventure and our hearts are filled with joy and laughter.

As Sappho wrote:

Sleep, darling

I have a small
daughter called
Cleis, who is
like a golden
I wouldn't
take all Croesus'
kingdom with love
thrown in, for her
Don't ask me what to wear
I have no embroidered
headband from Sardis to
give you, Cleis, such as
I wore
and my mother
always said that in her
day a purple ribbon
looped in the hair was thought
to be high style indeed

but we were dark:
a girl
whose hair is yellower than
torchlight should wear no
headdress but fresh flowers

--Translated by Mary Barnard

Source: gopher://gopher.OCF.Berkeley.EDU:70/

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