Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mini Milestones - Miss B's First Day at Playgroup.

As I stopped to open the door, I looked down at Miss B who was bouncing on her toes all excited about what might lie on the other side.

You see, today was Boo’s first day at playgroup. While this is a big step for any parent, it is all the more special to me. I didn't get to experience this with A as nowhere would take him due to his suspected autism.

I found it hard to sleep last night, worrying about this momentous occasion. Once we walked in, those worries disappeared. The staff were warm and friendly and welcoming. She quickly got stuck into the play dough and as long as she could look around and spot me, she seemed happy to explore the room and all of the fantastic activities on offer. She wandered around getting her bearings and had great fun glueing and sticking material to paper.

After an hour or so, it was snack time and she patiently waited in line behind the other kids to wash her hand before sitting down. She enjoyed her yummy snack and then set off into the garden to run around. Not quite as experienced with some of the ride on toys as the other kids, she needed at fair bit of help. it was a particularly muddy day so she sought out the muddy puddles in the garden. After this we went back into the room and played with a zoo before joining in with song time and a story.

This was a very special day today and I hope that our little Boo will enjoy her time at playgroup.


  1. I remember my toddler's first day at nursery. Wow think it was harder for me than him. Well done to you both!

  2. Thanks HM! I didn't really get to experience this with A as nowhere would take him pending his diagnosis. 

  3. That's a lovely photo. I think we all remember our children's first day at nursery (if they went to one) because we had such mixed feelings about it. I remember dropping Amy off, so very proud of the fact she didn't seem bothered about me leaving her, and I cried all the way home. Admittedly, it was only five minutes away, but still, I must have looked like a complete tool.

    Nursery is a wonderful place for children because a good assistant can pick up early signs of anything the child may need help with before going to school. It is the place where they detected that Amy had autism and I will be forever grateful to them for realising that. 

    CJ xx

  4. So proud of you girls, hope nursery continues to be a blessing for you both. Go Boo! Xx

  5. Thanks CJ! It all seems to be going well, touch wood! xx


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