Friday, 25 November 2011

Miss B's 2nd Birthday!

Our baby is getting bigger. On Thursday Boo turned two and we had a thoroughly fantastic day. During the week we had not one but two birthday greetings from Auntie Ali in Christchurch and the organising and run up was terribly exciting as this would be the first birthday that could understand properly that something special was going on.

One thing that hadn't occurred to me before the day was that was a bit pf a strange celebration for us. A's birthday has always been during the school summer holidays and everyone usually takes a holiday from work to help celebrate. But Boo's birthday was midweek at a busy time for everyone. We resolved to keep her presents until the guys came home but I'm not sure we'll get away with that next year! So we had a girls day out and we went to the cinema to see Arthur Christmas and we loved it! What a fantastic film it was and B was given birthday popcorn by the usher. Then we went to a beautiful little French cafe that hasn't been around for long in the city and is one of our favourite places to go and hang out.

After a huge birthday lunch and birthday macaroons (violet ones) it was time for a nap to prepare for the evenings activities. By the time she woke up, everyone was here (or those who had managed to slope off early from work). I had put up banners and Daddy blew up some balloons and she quickly got the hang of ripping open the presents! Her big brother helped of course.

We had a big family dinner and a yummy chocolate caterpillar cake. Later, I turned on Facebook to discover loads of birthday greetings from our dear friends.

What a great day! :)

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