Saturday, 12 November 2011

Miss B is (nearly) two! A Retrospective.

Although I predominantly write about A and his ASD, I do also have the most beautiful daughter in the world who is very nearly two. I always feel guilty for not writing more about Boo but I find it hard to think up posts beyond constantly repeating how awesome she is.

I guess this is due to a combination of factors. Number one, as a she is my second child, I've done all of this before and a feature of 'mummy' bloggers is the learning curve that goes along with babies. I've been there and done that and the variations between the two kids up to this stage have not been that different. I haven't embarked on potty training yet as she is not ready, she was after a slight hiccup, easy to feed, a restful sleeper, an easy teether and (touch wood) hasn't tried to freefall from any raised surfaces (yet). I am also very careful to write articles on here sounding like Gina-bloody-Ford or Annabel-friggin'-Karmel. I've had two kids, that doesn't make me an expert in child rearing and I abhor articles that lecture you on how to wean your kids or how much TV to watch. I find it hilarious when mummy bloggers write such knowledgeable articles on the art of childrearing. Trends come and go, peer pressure varies from one socio-economic group to the next and I am sick of reading reviews of weaning spoons and hoovers.

Two is influenced by my love of Ancient Greek culture and the idea of Hubris. I was supremely smug about A's milestones up until the age of 18 months when the health visitor picked up his lack of expressive language which led us down that road to his ASD diagnosis. So now, I lam fearful of celebrating her achievements when at nearly 2 years old, she has very few distinguishable words, has had a speech therapy assessment, hearing tests and is awaiting referral to see a paediatrician. I still celebrate them but I am always tense, always worried behind the scenes (I am conscientious with this worry and never let the kids see or sense it). She knows that we are her biggest fans, yet I still find it hard to talk about things on here. I knew full well when I got pregnant that I was playing Russian Roulette and I suppose we're not out of the woods until she's at nursery and has managed not to be labelled or diagnosed. I also knew that I would find this phase hard and I'm making the best of it that I can.

Anyway next Thursday she is two and I'm planning, as always, a birthday extravaganza!

So here is four videos, a timeline if you will, of our little loony, Boo.

                                                               Boo at six months

                                                                Boo at a year.

                                                                 Boo at 18 months

                                                                   Boo at two.

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