Saturday, 26 November 2011

Moaning Minnies...

Why are there certain types of people who just moan for the sake of it? (yes, I do see the irony in having a moan about moaners!)

Now I know that the tone of this blog gets a bit ranty sometimes and I make no bones about the fact that I can be a grump. But I am certainly not a moaner, a person who just moans for the sake of it, for the drama of it all.

The ranters, such as myself, are a sneaky bunch. The coherence to their rant, that single thread that sparks it off, is entirely up to them. This makes their rants stealthy. You have no idea that mentioning a flower arrangements or an expenses scandal will inspire a forty minute onslaught regarding the problem with the world. As a physical act, these people can be avoided or in built up social situations you can manoeuvre yourself so that you do not have to endure the joys for too long.

We have a phrase here in Bonny Scotland and it is greetin' face. Someone who is a greetin' face is someone who moans constantly, about anything and everything. A person who generally acts hard-done-by on a daily basis.

These people are generally unpleasant people to have a conversation with. They are akin to old people with ailments. Many a time, I have been caught out by being nice to an elderly person. "How are you keeping, Isa?" I would ask and then it comes...

...A long intake of breath through their wallies (false teeth)...


And then it comes. The tales of their bunions, their corns, their type 2 diabetes, their bowel problems. Then we would move onto the ailments and illnesses of family, friends, pets who have lost control of their bowels.

So a perpetual moaner does the same thing. No matter how excellent their day, their surroundings, their job, their family, they will always have something to moan about. A deep sense of dissatisfaction pervades and find faults with things that have no fault.

Potentially the worst thing about a moaner is that they are magnets for other moaners. Like old people and their ailments, the moaner who encounters another moaner instantly becomes competitive. I have sat in a few GP's surgeries where the conversations have been hilarious! I'll see your prostate problems and raise you a catheter bag, sort of behaviour.

So why bother about this type of behaviour? These people, once you've learned that they are to be avoided like the plague, can be avoided. I mention this because moaners have a new platform. Cyberspace. There are countless chatrooms and forums for these people to hide and meet like-minded Moaning Minnies. Again, these can be avoided and should be avoided at all costs.

Facebook, however is the moaners social network of choice. Now, we have a great life. We have a few challenges, more than someone without a disabled child and sometimes this gets me down. Raising a child with disabilities is more complex than a kid without and any problems we encounter are very real problems, problems that are themselves, complex. But there is absolutely no point on dwelling on them and the best way forward is to shake them off and crack on with things. It is our adoption of this attitude that makes our family and friends blind to the real struggles we have sometimes. I would rather have it this way. I don't want people feeling sorry for us, I don't want anyone's pity. I have far too much pride for that.

So I am writing this post because my Facebook feed a few weeks ago was full of Moaning Minnies. I had actually lost track of how many people's status updates I have hidden and have since gone through and deleted the vast majority of them. I am so sick of people complaining about everything. People who would not know a real problem if it came along. People with perfectly typical, healthy children, with money, with a roof over their heads and spouses who love them. People whose favourite activity is to have a moan at every given opportunity. These people who wouldn't know a real problem if it bit them on the arse.

They're tired.
They're bored.
They don't get pissed enough.
They're sick of their kids.
They're sick of their men/women.
They're fed up of their life.
They need a holiday.
They're going to run away.
They can't get five minutes peace.
They don't get enough attention.
They're skint.
They're stressed.
...and so on and so forth.

It is a constant stream of bemoaning their existence.

Worse still, their Moanin' Minnie pals then come on and agree and add their own woes and there's all this sympathetic moaning going around. And people are chiming in and asking if they're okay, if they need anything, a shoulder to cry on. They join in with the disparaging remarks about their spouses and generally make an idiot of themselves and of others around them. even with their partners and children on Facebook they still insist on complaining about how utter hireable their lives are. And finally, with the desired amount of sympathy delivered, their noise abates.

Boy, I seriously wish I had their problems.

Does this bug you too? What gets up your nose?

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  1. Facebook can be a real emotional dumping ground. I've been guilty of not appreciating the permanence of some of my own angry outbursts. I don't mind the infrequent moans but the constant posting of the same dross does lead to a slight adjustment regarding who/what appears on the newsfeed :-) This particularly applies to people who talk about doing housework as if it's a special phenomenon and people who talk about their favourite football team. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I hope my spelling and grammar are in check for this post hee hee. I really get bugged by people who do not spell properly. I'm tiered... Oooh as in a lovely triple layer celebration cake? The to, too, two type of misuse saddens me, it takes me all my time not to post a correction based reply while heading TOO the pub hee hee xx
    p.s. Fran we are getting old and grumpy xx

  2. Im a fairly big moaner when i want to be. Sometimes I just have those days but i'm not quite so woe is me. Luckily my moaning minnie days don't happen very often though! But yes it really grates on me when someone is always moaning about something. I especially hate the moaner who have fantastic huge houses, are getting married soon, are basically living the high life and they're STILL moainng! really does my nut in. love this post :) x

  3. You're right Jenny! FB is an acceptable place for suchgrumblings because it is after all a place of friendship and communication. But to pos three to four times a day just for attention is beyond a joke! Don't get me started on spelling! Xxx

  4. Hee hee! Thanks for commenting! Xx


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