Thursday, 1 December 2011

London Baby! Continued...

So, we were up with the lark and enjoyed a fantastic breakfast at the hotel. Neal's Yard yoghurt, granola, fresh fruits and pastries and coffee (for me) and we were ready to face the pace of London at rush hour.

First up was negotiating the tube to get to Kensington.

We had planned a whirlwind tour of the Natural History Museum, the V&A, the Science Museum before lunch! The tube was manic and I tried my hardest to stop A from panicking. He managed to drown out the noise with his iPod and headphones and I kept a hold of his arm.

He was mesmerised by the tube tunnel musicians that we encountered. The city centre in Edinburgh's equivalent is middle aged men in full regalia wheezing away on the bagpipes. We heard Billy Bragg, the Kinks and the Jam.

When we arrived in Kensington, we started at the Science Museum.

A has embraced the new subjects at high school and loves the sciences. He recognised a few of the demonstrations as experiments they had already tried out in class. This was enough to grab his interest and we ran with it. It really is a rare occasion where we see him get excited about school subjects. Primary school was hard for him and high school is proving to be just as difficult to negotiate. A lack of awareness of ASD within the community means that he is an easy target for bullying.

During our visit we stopped for treats at a milkshake bar where we indulged in rather sickly Oreo milkshakes.

This was fine until A found a Red Arrows simulator and booked us tickets for a ride. We were flipped upside down and looped the loop and by the time it was finished, he was absolutely poor less at the quivering wreck I had become and that remained the most amusing event for the rest of the day. Our conversations were peppered with him exclaiming "oh my goodness, your face was hilarious!" and him chuckling away.

After this we went to the Natural History museum and A insisted that the first thing we did was to go and buy dinosaurs (in miniature) for our Miss B. She is a huge fan of them and was delighted when he presented her with them. The place, itself, was fantastic and we're looking forward to taking B when she is older.

After our whirlwind tour of the galleries and museums, we went for a walk through Hyde Park. A's papa (my father) is a huge Rolling Stones fan he regales us with tales of their gigs in his youth and for some reason this stuck with A.

We then visited the Royal Albert Hall and headed back to the Tube to get into the centre.

Once there, A was desperate to visit an underground breakdancing space called the Trocadero near Piccadilly. We went and he hung out with some other guys who were there to practice.

After this we headed to the New Era store in Regent Street where the staff were phenomenal with him. They showed him all of the exclusive caps and I came out with my purse significantly lighter than when I went in. He really is immersing himself in all things breakdancing.

After this we went to see all of the billboards at Leiscter Square and Piccadilly. Then headed to Carnaby Street to dance like Austin Powers and score some ice cream at the Liberty Ice Cream Parlour.
After this we headed for Hamley's to get B another gift and A got to try out some magic tricks with a professional magician.

From here we headed to China Town for some authentic Chinese cuisine. We found a great place called Dumplings Legend where professional dumping chefs were preparing them in a little booth.
A was fascinated by this and we ordered a feast of dumplings and accompaniments and reflected on the day that had been.

We had one last stop before heading back to King's Cross.

Our OD loves doughnuts and a few years ago on my way back from Iran, I brought him home two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. This is a bigger deal than you think because there are no franchises in Scotland and I think that the furthest North you can buy them is Manchester. A and I resolved to run up Oxford Street to Selfridges where they have a donut counter and ran the entire length (25 minutes) of the street to bag ourselves three dozen donuts!

Triumphantly wielding our donuts, we just about had enough time for a quick visit to platform 9 3/4 and then we were on our way home...

Tired? We certainly were!

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  1. Wow how on earth did you fit all that in!?! What a Superwoman. Sounds like a brilliant day and I love how A reacted to you in the simulator as well a his interest in breakdancing. 3 dozen doughnuts though...!!!

  2. WOW - that was a busy day - I'm quite jealous as I've not done "tourist London" for years and years.  

    That breakdancing photo needs putting on canvas - have a word with @photobox and see if they'll give you a "free" canvas in return for a small review/mention.

  3. Thanks Nickie, will try my luck! X

  4. He still laughs about the simulator occasionally! Thanks for commenting! Xx

  5. Wow sounds like a fabulous trip to the Big Smoke. We moved to Leeds from London a year ago and in 10 years living there, we rarely fitted in as much as when we now visit as 'tourists'. My husband loves the Science Museum and I've sat through a lot of their Imax features.


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