Monday, 23 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Heaven, I'm in heaven... as the song goes.

I've always thought that I am one of the dullest people in the world because I meal plan every week. Little did I know that there is a huge hoard of similarly boring efficient people out there.

My meal planning comes from my love of cooking but dislike of shopping and having to manage gourmet palates on a tight budget. If I get a trip to the supermarket or take an on line delivery once a week then I can cope with that. Dinner is this house is rarely a dull affair and never is from the freezer.

Mrs M has a wonderful link up each week were everyone shares there Monday meal planning activities. I am beside myself with joy because no longer do I feel alone and boring.

This week has been a particularly frugal week because I did a huge store cupboard shop last week to stock up on spices, pluses and tins and this week we have a residential school trip to pay for. This week using stuff from my store cupboard I managed to get six dinners and lunches for a grand total of £31.64! Ta da!

This week we are eating:

Homemade burgers and wedges
Baked potatoes with roast gammon and winter slaw
Sesame and ginger pork stirfry (not my recipe - to celebrate Chinese New Year)

What are you guys eating this week?


  1. There are indeed many of us....organised (rather than sad!!) people out there. I LOVE meal planning with a geeky fervour.

    Your meals sound wonderful - always a pleasure to discover a new blog (which I suppose is the whole point of a linky). Although I now have to go and read all your back posts which means my general productivity will drop off for a while...


  2. Kids One Stop Shop23 January 2012 at 19:52

    Great job! I find if I plan that I save a fortune on food.

  3. i am in awe of your meal-planning! i  think myself to be organised, but i just can't bring myself to weekly meal-plan, partly cos I can't think on a sunday what i want for tea on a friday. what if i change my mind friday morning? what if meatballs is planned for wednesday but B has meatballs for wednesday school lunch?! ah, the possiblities... i know i would save money if i did though, so must try harder.

  4. Me too, that leaves us enough for plenty of treats during the weekend! Thanks for commenting! 

  5. Sometimes it is a bit of a drag and there has been quite a few occasions where I've gotten to Friday, looked at what is planned for that night and my heart has sank. There has to be an impetus like trying really hard to save money and so being inventive or being inspired by cookery books or sites. Thanks for commenting! x

  6. Who are you calling boring, huh? ;-) Thanks for joining in, there seems to be a few of us out there!  

    Love the sound of your meals last week.


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