Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Product Review: Plum Oaty Chomp Bars

The lovely people at Plum recently sent Boo some of their new Oaty Chomp bars to try. Did they pass the taste test? Let's find out...
Nom, nom, nom...

We took two of the bars with us on a recent trip to Glasgow. Although the train journey isn't that long, you can always guarantee that 10 minutes into the journey Boo starts shouting for food. I gave her the first one, the Strawberry Cheesecake Oaty Chomp Bar and it went down a treat!

Full of appreciative sounds she handed the empty wrapper back to me and continued on with her drawing. We were off the the Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery which both of the kids love and on that particular day we were off to see their new AC/DC exhibition.

Later on after lunch and a nap for Boo we headed back into the City Centre. Someone was peckish again so I tried the Pumpkin Pie variety on her and it went down as easily as the first.

As a family we have always used Plum products and included them in weaning Boo at 6 months old as well as having the toddler pots on hand for emergencies and fussy phases where she would not eat the dish that I had cooked.

The ethos of the brand appealed to us: at Plum, we make sure our meals nourish every aspect of a baby’s development – the parts that help them learn and explore, grow and develop motor skills, build their immune system and communicate and interact with others – the texture even helps exercise the tiny muscles used for speech. Because if we feed every part we can, your baby has more chance of being all he or she can be.

Boo would recommend the new Oaty Chomp Bars to all of her friends and to our readers.

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