Saturday, 4 February 2012

National Libraries Day 2012

National Libraries Day is devoted to all types of libraries, library users, staff and supporters across the UK.

Calling all library users (and non-users) across the UK – what will you do to celebrate NLD12? If you regularly USE one library, why not visit another (see our Events Map for participating venues). If you never visit a library then why not go along, JOIN in and see what your local public or university library has to offer! If you LOVE your library celebrate it in whatever way you think best!
If you’re short on ideas, here are a few suggestions…
  • Make connections: Get in touch with your local library and find out what they are doing for NLD12. If they have nothing planned, why not talk to them about arranging a celebration, party, author event or read-in?
  • Share the love! Introduce a colleague, friend or family member to the library that you love, get them to join and show them why it is so great!
  • Spread the word about why we should all love our libraries. Why not tweet #NLD12 ‘I love my library because…’, ‘like’ NLD12 on our Facebook page or upload a fun picture of you & your library to Flickr.
  • Feeling creative? Why not make a video, animation or song celebrating libraries, librarians and what they mean to you. Post them on YouTube and watch/comment on other people’s efforts!
  • Branch out! If you usually borrow a book, why not access the Internet instead. If you’re always online why not borrow a book? Take a look around and see what other exciting services your library has to offer.
  • Ask! Make NLD12 the day that you put that question’s you’ve always meant to ask to your local library staff! Tell them the subjects you’re interested in and see what they suggest – you might be surprised!

Join in by organising a celebratory event, contributing to our forums, tweeting with the #NLD12 hashtag and visiting your local library on the 4 February or the week leading up to it. 

Also you may wish to take a look at this ePetition in support of Public Libraries. 

How will you get involved?

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  1. I definitely love libraries and books. No Kindle for me!


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