Friday, 3 February 2012

Which books would you hand down to your children?

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.  ~Francis Bacon

In anticipation of National Libraries Day, a friend and I were talking about the books that we borrowed from the library when we were young. We were lucky enough that our primary school was attached to the local public library and so could while away the hours in there after school.

Something that she read recently had made my friend think about revisiting some of the gems that we read as kids and it got me thinking. My memories of some of these books got me to thinking about whether or not I would want my kids to read them, if these were experiences that I could pass down to my kids. 

A is autistic and really isn't a huge reader although he goes through fit and spurts. He is taking part in a wonderful reading programme called Toe by Toe at school which will hopefully increase his confidence in himself as a reader. I've tried to pass some of my favourites as a child down to him with varying degrees of success. Classics like Dracula and Lord of the Rings haven't gone down well so far.

There were a few series that I read as a child that were gender specific I suppose and so I got to thinking if these are books that I would encourage Boo to read when she is the appropriate age. I loved Enid Blyton as a child. Especially the Malory Towers series. Some of the series I read were gender specific and I may think about introducing Boo to them at the right age.

I liked Science Fiction and Horror and loved adventure role play gamebooks. These were books where you could choose your own adventure and your choices during the adventure dictated how the story progressed. I was a major geek and pretty much still am. I passed down a modern version of these books to A and they have gone down a treat! Because of his reluctance to read I let him take the lead on what books to buy. I hope that when he's older he might approach some of the books I enjoyed and that's something we could share. Boo may appraoch reading differently to her brother. Already at two years old she devours book after book every day. We have gotten into this hair where, as she is eating, I sit and read book after book to her. This morning alone, I read seven books while she sat through her three course breakfast (yes, I am a MUG!). Sharing the experience of reading a book is a truly wonderful thing but there is something special about reading a book that you remember from your childhood.

So my question to you is this: What book or books would you pass down to your children (or future children)?

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  1. wow thoe books have certainly taken me back reading both mallory towers and the cave of time!!  I have keot all my old enid blyton books to passonto my chldren, my son is 6 so any day now he will be interested in them for bedtime.  My favourites have to be the Faraway Tree Stories and I have read them since to myself as an adult! xxx

  2. I LOVED Mallory Towers! I think it is so important to really encourage your children to have a love of reading (although I know it is difficult to get some children motivated!!). My nearly 16 year old son devours books. I tried to pass onto him The Famous Five and Secret Seven books many years ago, however, times have changed... as much as I loved these books, my son found them old fashioned!!!! Mind you he loved my other old favourites... The Faraway Tree stories (Jade, thanks for the reminder!)
    My son with autism can't read, however, I read so much to him.... and he loves it.


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