Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Episode 23: The One with the Chicken Pox

Kyle: Cartman, do you remember how we all spent the night at Kenny's a couple of days ago?
Cartman: I remember frozen waffles with no side dishes.
Stan: Cartman, our parents sent us over there to catch chickenpox from Kenny!
Kyle: Yeah, dude. Your mom wanted you to have herpes on your face.
Cartman: She what?!
Stan: It's some kind of parental conspiracy. Our parents are trying to kill us or something.
Cartman: That bitch! I'm gonna go downstairs and kick her square in the nuts!

My sense of humour is a little warped today. We are four days in Boo's chickenpox episode. I'm a pox newbie and running out of ideas. I had it very early on and can't remember what it was like and A has never caught it despite me hosting pox parties like the parents from South Park. Now, mere days away from our only holiday this summer Boo is slowly (i.e ten spots per day) being engulfed in a mass of spots and is getting miserable and I'm routinely inspecting her brother...

She had me up at 5am to use me as a scratching post!

I need survival tips, people! What would you recommend?


  1. Calamine lotion... LOTS of it! Good luck! x

  2. You can get a calamine lotion/aqueous cream mix which is far less drying on the skin as calamine on it's own. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly what it's called! It really took the redness out of the spots and helped them to dry up but was nicely moisturising too. Hope Boo isn't feeling too poorly. My two had it over last Christmas and so I was quarantined with them for almost a month. 

  3. chary fano-manango10 July 2012 at 09:28

    I had this chicken pox before, I just put calamine lotion.

    Stefan Hall – FastChickenPoxCure


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