Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sh*t My Kids Say...

I thought that I would share some of this week's gems from out of the mouths of my babes...

Boo: "I want potato love!" (The curse of CBeebies!)

A: "Listen to this music mum, it's Nasty P!" (My subsequent joke about UTI's goes right over his head).

A: "My teacher said that puberty is an uncomfortable time so I thought it was going to hurt!" ( yeah...not literally, love!)

A (pointing to dark hairs on his shin): "Oh yeah! I feel like a maaaan!" (A finds a soul patch on his left shin)

Boo: "What's that dude called?" (The realisation that I watched far too many 90's films hits...)

Boo: "I've not got any boobs..." (Said whilst poking mine)

Most repeated phrase of the week by Boo: "I did a huuuuge peeeee!" (Potty training is going well.)

Most repeated phrase of the weekly A: "(siiigggghhhh) OH FOR GOD'S SAKE, WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT?" (Kevin the Teenager is back)


  1. we have a 7 year old teenager here too... and snap - I've just done a blog post about things my girls says tonight too! Spooky coincidence.

  2. Lol! For me, I think it was the break between seeing them constantly during the summer holidays to seeing them less during term time. I appreciate their turkey twizzlers of wisdom more! xx


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