Tuesday, 11 September 2012

“It is not only what we do, but what we do not do, that we are held responsible.” ~Moliere

 The beautiful Italian actress Sophia Loren once remarked about her appearance 'all you see, I owe to spaghetti'. Lately, I have been thinking that everything I see, I owe to vast quantities of crisps, sports mix and a lack of exercise. Depression and ill health have not helped either. 

All attempts at joining a gym lately haven't worked out. Scheduling conflicts, offers of fried breakfasts have and general malaise have all gotten in the way of my good intentions. Well no more! The winds of change are coming and I'm feeling motivated. 

I've been pondering about how best to lose weight. I love food. I eat healthily but my big passion in life is cooking and feeding people. Very rarely do we eat anything in the house that has come from the take away or is a ready meal from a supermarket. I have the luxury of time to cook at home and so we hardly ever eat meals that have come from the freezer or a tin or can be pinged in the microwave. As a family most of our social engagements revolve around food. Special occasions are always celebrated with food. When Socrates said (as quoted by Plutarch in How a Young Man Should Listen to the Poets 21e) that bad men live to eat and drink, good men eat and drink to live, he was quite clearly a miserable sod!

I've known people who have dieted all of my life and I have always been horrified by their irrational guilt complex when it comes to food. Eating something and instantly regretting it quite frankly gets on my nerves. I have never embarked on a diet because of this. I'm looking for something that stops me eating something I shouldn't or perhaps will let me balance out my eating habits. The idea of starting a hate relationship with food terrifies me. 

I'm also struggling with gym time. The only time I have it at night when I'm far too tired to be bothered. I need to come up with a plan that is sustainable and works for our lifestyle and schedule. I'm setting myself a goal to be thinner and fitter by Christmas.

So watch this space...


  1. oooh, can I come on that journey with you too please?!

  2. I am embarking on a similar journey myself, I want to be thinner and fitter by my 30th birthday next June! I will get there, I am quite determined! Good luck! x

  3. @Steph: Of course! xx
    @Sinead: Best of luck to you too. xx


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