Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sh*t my Toddler Says.

The more language that Boo acquires, the more I realise the ways in which the people around her are shaping her language.

Exhibit #1: Myself. (Since I am the author of this piece I shall, of course, paint myself in the best possible light.)

I am responsible for choice phrases like "that's really cool!"
"You're looking very beautiful today."
"How wonderful!"

Exhibit #2: Her father.

Is responsible for her bossy side.

"Eat up your dinner!"
"Turn your computer off!"
"Right! That's it!"

Exhibit #3: Her Big Brother

"I don't know!"
"Jazz hands!"
"For God's sake!"
"Leave me alone!"
and all the words the infamous Sandwich Song

Exhibit #4: Grandma and Papa

"I'm Grandma's princess!"
"you're a little bugger!"
"Can I have a sweetie please?"

She is such a character!


  1. oh so very true, my grandchildren learn sweary words from grandad when he is driving!!

  2. Cute! Before children, I never scrutinized my only language so carefully, but now I try to censor the worst of it. Trouble is, when I'm angry or grumpy (my two most common states), the censor gets pushed aside. Which is why I am probably raising a pair of little sailors...sorry world.


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