Monday, 8 October 2012

Giveaway! National Curry Week. Low Fat and Utterly Delicious Curry!

Happy Ruby Murray week! 

Yes folks, it is National Curry Week this week so what better way to celebrate than to cook curry and enter my fabulous giveaway!

Regular readers of this blog (if there even is such a thing?!) may remember that I reviewed a delicious curry mix a while ago here on this blog made by a small Scottish company called Chilli Papas.

One of the things I really liked about the product when I last reviewed it was that it was a dry spice mix with no added fat and I am delighted that in light of my new Weight Watchers diet I have been given a brand new and exclusive spice mix from Chilli Papa's to taste test. Om...nom...nom! Chilli Papa's Mild Vindaloo!

This mix is not available to buy just yet and I cannot wait until I can buy it in the shops because it was absolutely delicious!

If you love the hot and sour taste of a vindaloo but could do without the heat then this is perfect for you. I will keep the review short as all of the Chilli Papas range has exactly the same cooking instructions and you can find my previous step by step reviews here and here. Oh my this was delicious! It had all of the punch of the previous Vindaloo but none of the heat. The vinegar that you add during cooking gave a sharp tang and the spice mix was incredibly aromatic. I added all of the ingredients and boiled the mixture so I had no need to add any oil to the pot. This method and using a dry spice mix instead of a sauce from a jar means that the flavour is soaked up by the meat which remains juicy and tender.

For all of you fellow Weight Watchers out there. What's more in addition to the (150g) curry I served this with raita (150g) that I made using 0% fat yoghurt, cucumber, cumin and lemon juice, lots of salad with lemon juice and no oil and 50grams of cooked basmati rice. (I kept away from the naan bread as I had had a big lunch) and my entire plate only amounted to 10 points! UNBELIEVABLE! It is easily amongst the best spice mixes I have ever tasted.

Now for the really exciting part...

Chilli Papas has teamed up with Oh Mammy! and we are offering two lucky readers the chance to win their choice of three spice mixes each! You can check out the mixes here on the website here

All you have to do to enter is to subscribe to this blog via email in the little box at the right hand side of this post. If you have already signed up for email updates then leave a comment and I will check that you're not telling porky pies. For additional entries you can pop over to my Facebook page to like me and post a comment or follow me on Twitter. Additional entries can be had for comments on this post or on any other post on my blog.

Competition closes at Midnight on Sunday the 14th of October 2013. Good luck!


  1. I Have a great recipe for lamb kofta curry from weight watchers eat out at home book. Will post it on your Facebook xx


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