Sunday, 7 October 2012

#wwback2best Week 1 Progress Update

I won't lie. I've found this week difficult. Difficult due to the fact that I have never dieted before and while in my original plan I had focused on the junk that I eat between meals, I hadn't really assessed what my overall diet was like. I also did my first before dieting photo of myself wearing my most revealing clothes. *Yes - Instagrammed it to soften the mental blow!

So this week I've being trying to get to grips with the whole points system. It's been a bit difficult to start with because other than the food I consume in cafes in restaurants, I make almost everything myself so the hours that I have spent this week calculating every single ingredient that goes into a breakfast, lunch and a dinner have been countless.

The app has been fantastic in helping me do this but I'm finding the information on it more suited to someone who eats prepacked food. It's great that I can save my recipes and meals but I do feel that looking back on my shopping receipt this week I have bought more prepackaged food because it makes counting simpler. One day this week where I had a big lunch (the serious hunger had set in) I found myself confined to a low point dinner. A dinner that really didn't have enough fat, protein and carbohydrates for this children so I bought frozen fish fingers and oven chips for the kids! Now I know I am not going to parenting jail for that but I felt bad and one of the things that we really enjoy is meal times and eating together. I found it a bit depressing sitting having different meals, an occasion usually only reserved for special occasions when their father and I are having something really, really scalding and spicy.

Over the week I have slowly gotten used to the Pro Points system and have been studying the app religiously checking out how good or bad my favourite items are. I'm still surprised by the high points value of some items like rice cakes (2 points per cake never mind a topping!) When you are restricted to 26 points in a day that is quite a lot. During a shopping trip this week I ate in a cafe and ordered a baked potato without butter with salad and a little cheese and was horrified to learn that I had used up 14 points during lunch!

I also didn't realise that I was eating an obscene amount of carbs! I love pasta, bread, crackers all of the things that accumulate the points easily. I nearly cried one day when I was allowed one slice of buttered toast for my breakfast! It tasted like ambrosia! I was all set for writing an ode to toast, the food of the Gods when I realised that diet maddness was setting in. I was allowed it on that particular day as I planned out the rest of the day and used a Weight Watchers recipe for dinner. This is what I'm finding it hard to cope with, not cutting out junk food. I will adjust, I suppose but really have no idea what I would do for a big chunk of sourdough bread with some oil and tapenade...

This hardship has been worth it though because in the space of seven days I lost 3 lbs! I'm still not very active as I'm recovering frustratingly slowly from a bad bout of Glandular fever.

                                           *Yes - that's my ACTUAL weight. This was what the app did when I inputted my weight. I felt like their should be at last a virtual thumbs up or something. Streamers. Applause...

What I'm really having fun with this week is following Weight Watchers recipes and then tweaking them to incorporate all of the fats and carbs and proteins that the children need. This allows us to eat at the same time and roughly the same meal. For example today I made a zero point soup for lunch but added after I had taken my portion out, chorizo, kidney beans, oil, cheese and bread to the meal for the kids.

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  1. Well done on the weight loss in the first week!

    I'm eating the same as the kids but watching my portion size which seems to be working at the minute!

    Keep it up :)

  2. Well done and keep up the good work :)


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