Thursday, 6 December 2012

Weight Watchers Catch Up! Week Five - Weight Watchers Equipment

Apologies for my absence. Tumbleweed has been rolling through my blog for the last month while real life took over.

My final post for the Weigh Watchers Back2Best challenge spotlights some of the products available through the company to help you diet but also continue after you've lost your goal weight.

I lost my target weight quite quickly (perhaps too quickly for my flabby bits!) and I found what helped me the most wasn't the individual Weight Watchers branded foods but the equipment sent in my hamper that helped me the most.

If you are a habitual snacker then the WW products are a Godsend but I found myself eating cake bars, cakes and biscuits whereas I wouldn't actually do that normally but I was snacking on fruit constantly so I was pretty hungry for the first few weeks. What my downfall was, was incorrect eating patterns (skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch and eating a big dinner late at night) and portion control. I rarely eat pre-packed food so I was completely in control of my portion size.

The weight Watchers electronic scales helped me visualise what quantities of things that I should be eating like grains, pasta, pulses. The great thing about these scales as opposed to any other is that it counts the quantity weighed in points. It contains a huge database: Over 700 everyday items are pre-stored. It’s easy to select foods and to add new foods. A real kitchen essential, these are the only set of kitchen scales you’ll ever need for weighing and accurate portion control. Recipe-Builder: This unique function allows you to weigh out each ingredient from a recipe and automatically add up the ProPoints values as they go.

One thing I definitely couldn't cook without now is the Weight Watchers Oil Spray. I only use healthy oils but had gotten into the habit of lathering my food a bit too liberally with them. For things like salads, crostini, roasting it is far better to use a strong tasting oil and less of it than a weaker one and more of it.

I loved the Weight Watchers recipe book for when I was really stuck for inspiration. You can buy these products through the official Weight Watchers Website.

Overall, I enjoyed the diet as it made me look at how I was eating and what changes I needed to make. I lost my target weight and then some.

Thanks for reading.